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Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The 15th Prime Minister of India was sworn in today in front of 4000 plus invited politicians and other dignitaries. India witnessed first of it's kind swearing in ceremony that is typically fashioned by the western countries. It was quite well revived by the public and the politicians, both and conducted quite well. To start with inviting the leaders of neighboring countries, along with the elected politicians of India was a wonderful gesture of seeking their brotherhood in dealing with national security.
Prior to and between and after the swearing in ceremony, Narendra Modi continues to reach out the public via his favorite medium; the social media, and the message is the same; this is our country and we will have to look forward to making it better and better, and I can only do this with your help, support and blessings. The public continues to hear the same line constantly, and it has not changed after the successfully completed elect…


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The largest democracy has chosen a new leader in a democratically conducted election, and with little or no tension for the country, and the country has given his party the majority the BJP needs without the help of any affiliated parties. The ruling party was decimated with less than 10% of electoral votes as the electorate across the country was not willing to listen to the SOS of the ruling party. If we forget the constant bickering and name calling before and during the elections, the people of the country clearly wanted a new leader, leading the nation to a better tomorrow, and we have Narendra Modi ready and willing and able for the action.
The outgoing party did not lack the intellect and experience to lead the nation, but it simply did not function as a government. The family controls kept the actions needed at bay, or on hold and at most times and became detrimental to the nations well being. The scams and looting of public wealth wa…

Exit Polls

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

As of this evening on 12th of May 2014, the Indian general election were still in full swing and going into the final phase of polls, with results just about four days away. It is almost certain that the largest democracy will have a new leadership at the center, and also in several state and local governments. More than 60% of the Indian voters exercised their voting rights, which is a record for India.
Indian exit polls at this time and during the elections have gone through some changes, but by and large have reflected similar outcome that the government in Delhi will be a new one with a new prime minister. As much discounting you can do with the Indian polls as possible, they have been projecting the Modi wave all along, and specially in the BJP states, and Modi himself has shown how to campaign and how to present himself as a national leader, and how to respond to whatever is thrown at him. While Modi conducted himself with great finesse…

Not Enough Money

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Elections of 2014 are almost over in India, and in about a week we will have counted towards a new government to lead the massive democracy for next five years. This elections have a bit more sizzle than the last one, although till date the directed attacks have been limited to verbal duels, and apparently there has been no loss of life in the long and drawn out elections. Each of the contesting parties and candidates have been promising everything on earth to people, just as they did in the previous election and the one before and so forth, and pretty much everyone promises all things for free and everything for everyone.
With absolute authority and hundred percent straight face they will swear on everything and anything that they will do the impossible for their constituents. From freebies to loan waivers, interest free loans to outright abolishing of past loans, all things that are imaginable are absolutely free and immediately done, once …