Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The largest democracy has chosen a new leader in a democratically conducted election, and with little or no tension for the country, and the country has given his party the majority the BJP needs without the help of any affiliated parties. The ruling party was decimated with less than 10% of electoral votes as the electorate across the country was not willing to listen to the SOS of the ruling party. If we forget the constant bickering and name calling before and during the elections, the people of the country clearly wanted a new leader, leading the nation to a better tomorrow, and we have Narendra Modi ready and willing and able for the action.

The outgoing party did not lack the intellect and experience to lead the nation, but it simply did not function as a government. The family controls kept the actions needed at bay, or on hold and at most times and became detrimental to the nations well being. The scams and looting of public wealth was unabated and did nothing but just enrich just a few, and most of them are fighting the courts and justice system while their party was still in office. Irrespective of who the party was the last ten years of Indian elected leadership was the worst representation of the national interests, and irrespective of who was against them in the 2014 elections, they would have trashed them.

Narendra Modi was and is a gifted communicator, and a great hand at using the electronic media. His twitter feeds are almost instant and keeps his followers around the globe instantly connected to him, and his thought process and also his agenda. He is also quite gifted at keeping to his agenda, and never hesitates to speak it out. His tireless campaign in the 2014 elections agave a great opportunity for him to get out to most parts of the country, and also reach out the Indians all across the world. The results of the elections are a reflection of not just people wanting change, but also his ability to reach out to all people of India. Intellectuals and farmers and workers and young and old and everyone followed him quickly and with enthusiasm, and the results clearly reflect that public's interest in making a change in the government. He was able to articulate the ideas of what is needed to Indians vocally and in believable language, while the ruling party was constantly using the same name and constantly attacking the man.

Irrespective of what Narendra Modi does in the next five years, the two things that are in universal agreement.
  1. He is not interested in money. This will be the most dramatic and most important step in governing India. Narendra Modi has no need to money and he is not interested in making billions by scamming and looting the public coffers. This is reflected in his actions as a public figure and is constantly documented by every news outlet. The vast resources that have been pocketed by people in power would have greatly helped in nation's continued development in both human and infrastructure. He will certainly not get his hands dirty, and will also make sure that the people who are working under him will remain controlled. While eliminating graft 100% is difficult in a society that has its hands out at every nook and corner, Narendra Modi will definitely make a huge mark in placing controls to limit the graft business.
  2. He is humble and respectful to his Mother, and also to the elders. You never see him forget to acknowledge and respect the elders, and the few visits with his elderly mother is the same as most Indians visiting their elderly parents; just love and respect. Now that he is about to lead India, he still has the same demeanor and still sits in a plastic chair and looks happy seeing his mother, and she certainly shows equal happiness just holding the man.

Here is a common man, who worked hard and worked diligently to reach the highest elected office of the largest democracy on earth, and is constantly articulating the vast and untapped future of India. We can look forward to abetter government and a better future for the nation. Just to see someone like Narendra Modi reach the pinnacle of a successful political career and still maintain his roots and be grounded, should be a great story for all Indians to tell and learn from.

Commenting on the name “NaMo” chosen as a tag, probably was without insight by Narendra Modi himself or whosoever came up with the acronym, but for south Indians, specially the followers of Lord Balaji, “NAMO VENKATESA” is the devotional and heartfelt addressing to the Lord Venkateswara. My sincere hope is that Lord Balaji is looking down on Narendra Modi with kindness and blessings. Here is to wishing the new Prime Minister the very best of the time in Office and wish all he will aspire to do for the good of all Indians to come true. Jai Hind.

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