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All Life Matters

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The Christmas week has once again become a police verses community headline for Chicagoans.2015 has really been an active police and politics and community challenge for the residents.It’s not just Chicago, Ferguson, Baltimore and many other places in the USA, you will hear the slogan “Black Lives Matter”.This year and this slogan have been synonymous with each other.
To start with the slogan should be “ALL Life Matters”.
With either the police using their power to protect or power to execute, perhaps using their guns with a bit more aggression than needed.There is also constant aid of social media encouraging the public to record everything they see, and 24/7/365 media coverage providing launch pad for the eager attention needed and the drama of personal and political nuances that follows every tragedy.
It is to the public’s dismay that the law enforcement doesn’t have the equipment (cameras and voice recordings on the car or and on person) to cle…

Netas as Netizens

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Active involvement and easy accessibility to internet has made us global netizens.Distance, Language, race or color, country and wherever we are (including the space station) or whatever we are doing, all we need is an internet connection to instantly share with the rest of world.The very good (or bad) thing is anything we put out there is easy shared with anyone else on the net, making an instant statement on just about everything.

India has the second most mobile population (second only to China).There are approximately 997 plus million mobiles in use in India compared to 1,276 million in China.Added to that India has (a little user less density) approximately 375 million internet users compared to 668 million internet users in China.

The per capita income for China is $13,224 a year which is 86 rank in the world verses Indian’s $5,808 a year which is ranked as 125 in the world.Neither countries are in the top 25 countries in the world in per ca…

2015 Wish List – Five Things On My List for Santa

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
There is no particular order on my list of five wishes for Santa.I really think they can be delivered.Santa is in every one of us, so these can be delivered, particularly as if we all behave nice, there is no stopping the Santa in us.
Here is my list: World Peace Seasonal Weather Opportunities Clean Environment Happiness World Peace – It is probably the most difficult wish to ask for.We may have never had world peace ever since our existence.But, I still want to wish for it.As I get older, the more I worry about what is happening to the world. It’s just not people killing each other, but constantly finding reasons to go against each other.People have really forgotten brotherhood.“World Peace might be a lofty wish, but what do have to wish for more than world peace”. It is really not wishing for much; just to travel without violence or fear, go to a restaurant without getting shot, drive without looking sideways, go and pick-up the kids, go to the bus st…

Sustaining The Cities

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Although we constantly hear about rising global temperatures and shifting weather patterns, India seem to catch the worst of the rains and floods just about every year.Somewhere in the nation the rains destroy the infrastructure and disrupt the life of citizens, in millions at a time.This year has not been any different, in fact south India, especially Tamil Nadu has been seeing rains that it has not seen in a hundred years or more.
The floods in Mumbai and Chennai are really more manmade calamities rather than just once in a 100 year rains.We have nothing new to add to people and infrastructure management that has been developed to match the exponential growth in population.Oh Yes! these urban centers have created millions of jobs and billions of revenues, but the government never bothers to map the needs of the population and how to manage their requirements.There is never a disaster management plan for any major event in India.
I really needed …


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

India’s test cricket team’s success (most of it) is owed to its spin bowling.For people who remember Bedi, Chandrasekhar, Prasanna, Venkataraghavan; the four spinners who were contemporaries, their on-field exploits are still a matter of legend for cricket lovers.In-fact they may have started the trend of opening the bowling with spin.From the beginning of cricketing time in India, spin has been the mainstay of bowling attack.Although India has not been on a winning track until the recent years, spin has always been the choice and effective bowling weapon for Indian teams.Long after the spin quartet retired, Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh continued the spinning magic, and now we have Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra and Ravindra Jadeja, spinning their magic on the opposition teams, especially when they play under Indian conditions.The on-going series with South Africa is a testament to Indian spinners dominance, at home.They keep the spinning t…

Pathway to Heaven?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The form of human genus is only about 2.1 million to 1.8 million years old.It took us a couple of million years from formation to where we are today. In reality the history of human genus is relatively very short compared to the origin of our living quarters; the good earth.The best estimate of how old the earth is about 4.543 billion years.So compared to the origin of our mother earth, us human genus have been around for a very short and young existence.

Much of what we live and practice today probably started with electricity (about a 150 years old), internal combustion engine (1768), steam engine (1807), first car powered by internal combustion engine (1886), then came the first petrol/gas powered engine and decades later into 1930’s we came-up with the jet engine.It took us c a couple of millions of years to really become mobile.Oh yes – then in the last 30-60 years of television/telecommunications/internet literally brings us together; irres…

Democracies and Predictability

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Time and again we see the same thing happening.When given a freedom of choice people will behave just they want to behave.No matter how much media badgering or constant publicity aimed at creating general public opinion, the human behavior is predictable.There is no way to guess how people will decide to do things.Especially when it comes to democratic elections, it is always amazing that people will vote for their expectations of the future.It never fails to amaze the pundits, but people always hold the cards and public is always playing their cards right.It doesn’t matter which country or what region of the world, if there is a truly democratic election with choices, the people will always vote for the future, and from what they believe can be delivered by the choices in representation they have.

The greatest elections are the ones that people really vote with their heads working, and no matter what the electorate hears, the voting booth always…

Power of Development

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Many nations including India constantly stress on development.Building homes (India has famously pledged to build toilets, every home with a toilet) for all the citizens.  Making housing affordable to provide a decent life is perhaps the most politically correct statement that any politician can make.Along with housing and sanitation, utilities, gas, water and electricity become essential and also play political ploy with each election.While housing and sanitation are constant sound bites, no one discusses the power needed to light them.From the USA to India and all the way around, housing is the most common political pitch every politician makes, and also probably the most investment governments make outside of military spending.
It is a fact that world over housing is an initiative that is most needed by the underprivileged, and it is a chance for a decent existence, and also an opportunity to raise a family with dignity.It has always been and …


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Secular state is a concept of secularism where the state or nation is officially neutral in the matters of religion.Being a secular state is a claim to treat all religions equally.India today is the largest democracy that is also a secular state (there are a number of countries that are listed as secular states including USA and China).It sounds politically correct for India’s diversity, and in fact most of India and Indians are secular in their living.From very small villages to mega metropolis, Indians of different faith, color and language live well together.
As with most societies Indians also have a preference of being a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.Indians also associate the meat eating habit with their caste, the society has religion and then also caste added into their living.The Indian society with its own religion, caste, sub-caste and whatever societal nuances, have seldom had communal issues based on food habits.For a fact my own ho…

Orphan State

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Modi’s election slogan of “Development for Everyone”, for some reason seems to be not applicable for the residual (“my”) state of Andhra Pradesh. After the bifurcation of AP (now Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) in Modi’s watch, any kind of commitment for funding for development is missing from Modi’s vocabulary, especially considering his election rhetoric, and the state government aligned with his ruling government in the center.The bifurcation of the state, the current government support for the bifurcation, the previous government’s assurance and passing the decree on special status, Modi and his election promises and the tie-up with TDP to form a government in the newly formed Andhra Pradesh, all that lead people’s belief that the new state will be treated with a special status thru India’s constitution to help establish itself after bifurcation, and govern itself at par with other states.
Watching and following Modi before and after his elevat…

Viewer’s Challenge

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

I had written (had is the key here as I no longer write about them) about movies for many years.I have always enjoyed watching movies and as I learnt more languages, I have enjoyed watching them with more choices.As I got older I enjoyed the movies more and also the multiple languages, sometimes even when I did not know the language just the celluloid was entertaining.Despite my being away from home most of my life, I still like Telugu movies the most.Every chance I get I watch the newer movies, and for the past few years I seem to be watching the same Telugu movie with different title and different actors.The heroes glorified, the women in skimpy clothes and a bunch of guys get beat up and killed in the unimaginable way, and much of the movie shot in most outrageous locations that people really don’t care much about, with the ending of every movie gruesome to unimaginable violence.The movies are no longer representing the age old good versus ev…

Quota Systems

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

World over the democracies foster quota systems.It simply is that the politics drive establishing quota from a portion of available opportunities and funding from colleges, schools, jobs, money, housing, land, and any other resources of the nation/s.Politicians continuously believe and use the quota system while in power, or posturing for power.Politicians and the power of quota systems constantly play to the polls and politics.Quota systems pander to vote banks, and continues to be popular with all countries, especially when it is time for reaching out for votes, and as an election promise and also reaching out to interest group, quotas still touch a nerve with people.
For some reason we believe that somehow or someone has at some point of time taken advantage of our people, and we want the so called old wrong to be done right today.It’s a long statement, but everyone has a grouse about something, and we want today’s society so something about t…