Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It is the middle of summer, and it has been a mild one in Chicago. We had a great winter and a pretty good spring, and the summer is going pretty good so far. Things are sort of normal for those of us living here and there is no excitement beyond the normal summer stuff around here. The taste of Chicago (although canceled for one day), lake shore and beaches of Chicago, the many museums and the tall buildings (except a small break in one of the sky deck viewing windows) and many of the normal activities of the city are just about normal as is the weather and forecast for the rest of the summer. This city is wonderful and just about predictable for its seasonal changes, although the weather forecasters keep saying that things can change very quickly in Chicago, they simply mean that the weather can change quite dramatically in the windy city. As predictable as the city and its inhabitants are and as unpredictable the weather patterns of the city are, everything else is quite the same year over year. Outside of the gangs of Chicago, the rest of the folks are quite domesticated and have very little action outside of an occasional traffic ticket. We the people of greater Chicago and its suburbs are quite far away from any real action that the rest of the world is experiencing in the summer of 2014.

The kids have been home for the summer holidays and they still have about a month or so before they begin the next school year. Life is boring for them even if they are not busy for a few minutes, and finding activities for them through the summer is as difficult as one can possibly imagine. All things said and written the summer it self is just the same as other summers here, and will be an uneventful one for 2014.

The rest of the world seems to be in turmoil, specially the middle east is in constant state of tensions. The children seem to be caught in the cross fire of people waring against each other and most times with their own folks. The news is graphic and constantly showing the images of battles and carnage, and summer of 2014 for the children in the war (not sure of these are war zones, but lack of better phrase) seem to be caught without their summer activities for the year. No one is giving them a break for the year to enjoy the street games and ice cream and the beaches and parks. Their adults seem to be in a state of war and no one is bothered about schools or holidays. It just is incredibly sad to see them miss out the whole summer without just hanging out with their friends and families.

It is just not the children but their folks are also missing out the activities of summer of 2014. There is no end to the running away from carnage, and no one seem to care about learning and fun for the young ones. Hey guys what about the children? I am sure everything people are fighting for is for a reason they believe in, but hey folks its the kids we work, live and die for, and we have forgotten that they are missing out on being children and whatever you aspire for yourselves is not really looking at the little ones and their future. You are really taking away the fun from the young ones and along with them their families also are missing out the fun of being parents, grand parents and brothers and sisters and cousins and friends; and a whole lot more. If the little ones are not able to have fun and enjoy the summer, then what ever that their countries are aspiring for is for no reason or no cause. The little ones are our future and whatever we do is for them, and looking at their faces should make us realize their aspirations.

We know that religion and traditions are a part and parcel of life, but children should come first while we observe the age old traditions. If not for them there is no need to aspire for Utopia. While life is just about normal in Chicago, we also have to look at the folks around the world and hope they have a just about normal summer, specially the little ones enjoying the fun of being little ones. Here is to world peace. Have great summer of 2014 everyone.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

World at War

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Lost airplane still lost, and hundreds of millions spent on finding the cause and location of a massive 777 jet still did not yield any clues and hundreds of people missing and thousands of relatives grieving and lost for words and thoughts on what ever happened to their near and dear ones, and absolutely no answers to any of the screams for information. Another plane shot down and again hundreds of people lost their life for simply being on another big jet and looking forward to their destination, and once again thousands of relatives grieving and lost for words and thoughts on what ever happened to their near and dear ones, and absolutely no answers to any of the screams for information. This time the bodies are found and the remains of the plane, people and their belongings found on land and shown no respect for the dead, and the countries fight for simply allowing access to the field of destruction. Once again the world is up in arms and everyone from the presidents to common man screaming and yelling for respect for the dead; all in deaf ears.

Although the same airplane make and model, and belonging to the same airlines; the incidents are very much dissimilar, but the loss of life and the actions that lead to the disappearance of the plane or shooting down of the plane are similar in loss of innocent life and great and long lasting grief that is bestowed on the people of the world in incredible and immeasurable. Everyone who travels now will have to worry about what will happen next and how will they be safe guarded?

The value for life has become nothing. People just want to kill for a cause they believe in, but simply ignoring that they will never be able to replace the life they are taking, and no one can bring the dead back to life, and no one comfort the loss of a near and dear one. Everyone have a reason to fight for, but no one has a way to save a life of innocents who have nothing to do with the cause; they are simply humans and in the line of fire for someone's cause.

Everywhere we have tragic and man made crisis; the US border and its inflow of young children without their adults trying to get into the USA for escaping their national issues, simply drugs and gangs and fighting. USA simply unable to handle the influx of new and very young people who all of a sudden are in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of a political and human battle field which they want to try and escape, but have made another country a place which is not as welcoming as they first started out thinking, it has its own limitations and its own issues to deal with and is unprepared to take in tens of thousands of little ones. A human tsunami and a human tragedy of great proportions where the answer is not just with the USA, but with entire south American nations which are simply throwing these young ones and their families to turn them away from their own homes.

We have quickly forgotten that hundreds of young girls were abducted from their school in Nigeria and no one has kept their disappearance on the front page anymore. We are simply moving on from one human tragedy to another and the world constantly is grieving one human tragedy after the other.

Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, North Korea and much of the older Russian federation countries and so many others in internal turmoil and no end to the conflict and the killing. Not forgetting Israel and Palestine conflict that has gone on for generations, and still no chance for peace for the little countries. We have no way for even listing the conflict zones in the world and tracking who is killing whom and why, except for human belief. The whole world is either trying to fight itself or trying to dissuade the fighters. There is no limit to the killing and burials but only new reasons being thrown at the world for continued killing. The world wars of 1900's although still fresh in the memory of people, the current wars of killing by far exceed the cruelty of the world wars and the end of the current conflicts seem to get broader and broader, rather than leading to solutions. In reality there must be problems to find solutions and the current killing spree is really a problem that is without solution as people don't want to find common ground and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Just imagine the loss of life and property that is being destroyed daily, and what could be done to betterment of life for all humans if these resources are diverted to betterment of all humanity. No one is thinking of peace, and everyone is simply wanting to destroy whatever they can so the news for a few minutes will capture the loss of life and destruction of environment. There is no need for world war 3, as we are already in the war of the world and this time there is no reason for the war and as there is no reason there is also no end in sight for the war.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chanting Development

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Since the election season began in India, Modi and his fellow campaigners constantly used and after getting elected to the highest office still continue to use the word development as if it is a mantra they chant constantly. The word development is being used so commonly and generously, it has become the constant in every utterance by the PM and his team of ministers and supporters. We certainly like to hear the word development in every part of the world and every aspect of life. There is no question that in every country and every society continued development is a natural requirement to keep people happy and forward looking. It is also commendable that Indians believed in Narendra Modi's promise of development for all in India, and voted him and his party in absolute majority to run the nation for the next five years and there is no doubt that Modi and his team are looking at all angles to make every effort to promote and implement the development of the nation.

Granted that we have been in the first couple of months of administration for this government, the word development is being used so much and constantly, it is hard to imagine if it is even necessary to be told to people, as people of India have already voted for the development and they are waiting for the actions leading to new development. While the government is new and the time to start and implement programs in India (and everywhere else in the world) require time to move forward, it is also time to work on projects and programs that have been promised at the time of elections, and stop the per-poll mantra of development. People are waiting and looking forward everyday to see the promise of a better tomorrow, and each day simply turn into yesterday, and they don't need to hear the same tunes, but need to see the actions.

The new tax plans, smaller budget deficit (although still a deficit which gets added on to the already existing burden of previous decades of deficits), strong voice of the leaders on promise of better management, pro-industry and pro-labor practices, above all the support of the people of the country to the government, believing in the promise of better days in the horizon; all of them are of great help to the leaders. When the country believes that better days are in the forecast, it is like a great monsoon and great season for agriculture, which come one after the other.

The resources of India and the demands of India might not be in proportion. But if the government has the promise of better management, attracting investments will be simply equated to a global enterprise which is managed well, and wanting to grow, and will definitely attract people who want to invest in the promise of participating in the rewards of massive markets and massive benefits of the well managed enterprise. Modi's government essentially promises a massive enterprise that will be managed well and the investors well rewarded for being a part of the enterprise. While making India itself a enterprise that is run like a business might not evoke positive thoughts amongst all people of a democracy, essentially Modi's government has promised to deliver a well managed country where all participating folks will be well rewarded and well treated. The team Modi has put together also represents a management team rather than just a team of politicians. No question that they are all seasoned politicians, but their public outlook for the short period in the office along with the chief (Modi) is towards management and development. While the politicians will continue to be just that politicians, the new government's Development mantra certainly will need new outlook and new style of management. What we will see in the coming months and years, we can only wait for, but envisioning the future which is vastly different from the previous five year planning for Indian government's, the Indian business engine must work efficiently, be managed with utter care and also take into the needs of more than a billion. It is a challenge that should now go from the rhetoric of development to the implementation of a great business plan that can be viewed and reviewed by everyone, and hopefully bring benefit to all Indians.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Democracy – OMG

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The world loves the word democratic. It is the most widely used word in political rhetoric and the most commonly abused word in English language. We love the word democracy, and we mean everyone on earth really want to be in a democratic society It simply implies that democratic rule gives freedom of expression to people. The global population has been typically classified as democratic and autocratic rule, and for as long as people were given a choice they have mostly chosen democratic rule.

India; the largest democracy currently in the world, despite its constant bickering and scams survives as a democratic enterprise. No amount of politicking and no amount of public displeasure, and whatever people in power partake, India continues to be democratic and people thrive on the country being democratic and the freedom to choose its leaders. This doesn't imply that we choose the best possible alternatives for our nation since the British left India in 1947. In the recent general election the BJP won absolute majority in the parliament and the government under Narendra Modi as the prime minister has shown some promise of taking up the issues that are of importance to the country and its people. In the very short time he has been in the office, Modi by himself has also demonstrated that he is willing to listen and work for the betterment of processes in New Delhi. My most endearing things of his short time in office are; early to work and late to leave for the head man, and all others will have to follow the leader. Just imagine Indian bureaucracy starting to work at 9 in the morning and working all day long with lunch at the desk. This it self will make a common man smile, as the babus are so far from having the office hours of a common man, and with Modi leading by example of early to work and stay late and finish the work, the rest of the clan have no choice but to follow the leader. Form the time we got independence from the British until now, the culture of minimal effort for the first time, is being driven by a single man's time sense of maximum effort every day, and this leader works seven days a week. For a country with such massive work load, it probably is time for the decision makers to show up on time and work till they get things done. The inference here may not be very democratic for the babus who have to move the files along, but the democratic enterprise of Narendra Modi certainly put the pressure of performance on the guys who run the massive democracy.

The country also has a chance for some radical changes to its thinking and working. The years of nepotism and fiefdom will now be limited or viewed with a magnifying glass as Modi himself has no strings attached personally, and politically he is untouchable for next five years. Perhaps now the democratic process of best man for the job will come into play with the government decision process. It is no saying that just Modi himself can turn the entire country into a haven for people and people's agenda, but certainly his attitude and his much used word of development, will certainly be more robust under his time compared to the previous regimes. It is simply democratic to let the people's issues come first and then people's issues come also last. Modi's magic with words can be translated into action by the current government, and then the true meaning of a democratic country and a democratic enterprise will come into shape.

There is no guarantee that we will see a 100% shift in focus to people first agenda by the Indian nation and its politicians, but even a shift from nepotism to country first will make a drastic difference to the much needed improvement in common man's agenda in India. With the early signs of the decision making my the Modi government seem to take simple steps in making meaningful decisions to the overall well being of the nation. Democratically elected government with a leader with no personal agenda but the development of the nation, should make a turn for the betterment of the general public of India.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

World cup 2014 soccer in Brazil is entering quarter finals and has been keeping the world glued to the television and radio and also the internet for a few weeks now and should go on for another couple of weeks. As incredible as it sounds this tournament may have a billion viewers or more and only increasing by the day. As of last night when Mexico lost and was out of the tournament, you did not find a single Mexican venturing out on a hot Sunday evening in Chicago. The country lost and most of the fun loving and beer drinking guys were really quiet, and not their usual merry fellows on the weekend. I would not find fault with them as football is really a simple and very competitive game. You have to love the game as it only needs a football and open space (may be not even open space according to a television commercial by McDonald’s), and the game is on. Guys kick the ball all around and run and run, until they are exhausted and there is still no score. Its a simple game and probably the most inexpensive of all sports, which only requires heart and speed to kick the ball around. It truly is a global game and the spirit shown in the 2014 world cup is a testament to the spirit of the world and the spirit of the game of football. Although the Americans as of today are still in the game, they are not odds of favorites to win the world cup, far from being the favorites. Nevertheless the spirit of football is all over the USA and everyone is rooting for the team here.

The game it self is quite simple to understand and the rules are uncomplicated to follow the game. Players don't need anything but shoes and a ball to kick, and the that’s all there is to the real game of football. It is difficult to sit through the entire game as the guys are simply running and running and dribbling the ball, and only once in a while they get a chance to take a shot at the goal and typically the scores are quite low, and even no score in the competitive matches. The field is long and the players need to be in great condition to keep ruining and running throughout the game. The fans are uncomplicated, they simply love their teams and the game. They root constantly and even the commentators simply keep blabbering, except for the occasional shout “GOAL”. All said and the done the beauty of the game is just that it is simple and uncomplicated, and the world loves it.

The following of the country teams and also the local and professional clubs is phenomenal and unmatched in any other sport. The Americans display a lot of support for all their sport teams, but nothing comes close to the support for the football teams, specially the national teams and when the stage is the world cup. It is a spectacle unmatched by any other vent in sports, perhaps any other event; period.

USA has another game to today, and if they win tomorrow and a few more to win before the final and if they win the final, I am sure there will be a celebration that will be the mother of all celebrations. I am not betting on the USA to win at this stage, or probably at no stage. The punters are fully busy, and the betting is being done in hundreds of millions of dollars. Wherever the fans and teams are, there are also gamblers who go along for just the betting, and world cup soccer is probably one of the biggest betting stage on earth. Whatever the final outcome, the game is going to keep the world glued to the television for a whole month, and all other news is secondary for the duration of the tournament, and this time it is the beautiful Brazil, which is a country which is just beautiful by itself, and also a country that has a chance to win the world cup. No matter who wins and what will be the final outcome, the game will keep the world smiling and happy for its duration, not just because of its simplicity but also for the love of it, the whole world loves the game, and it is truly a spectacle to watch and enjoy.

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