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Vasu Reddy From Chicago
It is the middle of summer, and it has been a mild one in Chicago. We had a great winter and a pretty good spring, and the summer is going pretty good so far. Things are sort of normal for those of us living here and there is no excitement beyond the normal summer stuff around here. The taste of Chicago (although canceled for one day), lake shore and beaches of Chicago, the many museums and the tall buildings (except a small break in one of the sky deck viewing windows) and many of the normal activities of the city are just about normal as is the weather and forecast for the rest of the summer. This city is wonderful and just about predictable for its seasonal changes, although the weather forecasters keep saying that things can change very quickly in Chicago, they simply mean that the weather can change quite dramatically in the windy city. As predictable as the city and its inhabitants are and as unpredictable the weather patterns of the …

World at War

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
Lost airplane still lost, and hundreds of millions spent on finding the cause and location of a massive 777 jet still did not yield any clues and hundreds of people missing and thousands of relatives grieving and lost for words and thoughts on what ever happened to their near and dear ones, and absolutely no answers to any of the screams for information. Another plane shot down and again hundreds of people lost their life for simply being on another big jet and looking forward to their destination, and once again thousands of relatives grieving and lost for words and thoughts on what ever happened to their near and dear ones, and absolutely no answers to any of the screams for information. This time the bodies are found and the remains of the plane, people and their belongings found on land and shown no respect for the dead, and the countries fight for simply allowing access to the field of destruction. Once again the world is up in arms and …

Chanting Development

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Since the election season began in India, Modi and his fellow campaigners constantly used and after getting elected to the highest office still continue to use the word development as if it is a mantra they chant constantly. The word development is being used so commonly and generously, it has become the constant in every utterance by the PM and his team of ministers and supporters. We certainly like to hear the word development in every part of the world and every aspect of life. There is no question that in every country and every society continued development is a natural requirement to keep people happy and forward looking. It is also commendable that Indians believed in Narendra Modi's promise of development for all in India, and voted him and his party in absolute majority to run the nation for the next five years and there is no doubt that Modi and his team are looking at all angles to make every effort to promote and implement th…

Democracy – OMG

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The world loves the word democratic. It is the most widely used word in political rhetoric and the most commonly abused word in English language. We love the word democracy, and we mean everyone on earth really want to be in a democratic society It simply implies that democratic rule gives freedom of expression to people. The global population has been typically classified as democratic and autocratic rule, and for as long as people were given a choice they have mostly chosen democratic rule.
India; the largest democracy currently in the world, despite its constant bickering and scams survives as a democratic enterprise. No amount of politicking and no amount of public displeasure, and whatever people in power partake, India continues to be democratic and people thrive on the country being democratic and the freedom to choose its leaders. This doesn't imply that we choose the best possible alternatives for our nation since the British …


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

World cup 2014 soccer in Brazil is entering quarter finals and has been keeping the world glued to the television and radio and also the internet for a few weeks now and should go on for another couple of weeks. As incredible as it sounds this tournament may have a billion viewers or more and only increasing by the day. As of last night when Mexico lost and was out of the tournament, you did not find a single Mexican venturing out on a hot Sunday evening in Chicago. The country lost and most of the fun loving and beer drinking guys were really quiet, and not their usual merry fellows on the weekend. I would not find fault with them as football is really a simple and very competitive game. You have to love the game as it only needs a football and open space (may be not even open space according to a television commercial by McDonald’s), and the game is on. Guys kick the ball all around and run and run, until they are exhausted and there is …