Tuesday, July 22, 2014

World at War

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Lost airplane still lost, and hundreds of millions spent on finding the cause and location of a massive 777 jet still did not yield any clues and hundreds of people missing and thousands of relatives grieving and lost for words and thoughts on what ever happened to their near and dear ones, and absolutely no answers to any of the screams for information. Another plane shot down and again hundreds of people lost their life for simply being on another big jet and looking forward to their destination, and once again thousands of relatives grieving and lost for words and thoughts on what ever happened to their near and dear ones, and absolutely no answers to any of the screams for information. This time the bodies are found and the remains of the plane, people and their belongings found on land and shown no respect for the dead, and the countries fight for simply allowing access to the field of destruction. Once again the world is up in arms and everyone from the presidents to common man screaming and yelling for respect for the dead; all in deaf ears.

Although the same airplane make and model, and belonging to the same airlines; the incidents are very much dissimilar, but the loss of life and the actions that lead to the disappearance of the plane or shooting down of the plane are similar in loss of innocent life and great and long lasting grief that is bestowed on the people of the world in incredible and immeasurable. Everyone who travels now will have to worry about what will happen next and how will they be safe guarded?

The value for life has become nothing. People just want to kill for a cause they believe in, but simply ignoring that they will never be able to replace the life they are taking, and no one can bring the dead back to life, and no one comfort the loss of a near and dear one. Everyone have a reason to fight for, but no one has a way to save a life of innocents who have nothing to do with the cause; they are simply humans and in the line of fire for someone's cause.

Everywhere we have tragic and man made crisis; the US border and its inflow of young children without their adults trying to get into the USA for escaping their national issues, simply drugs and gangs and fighting. USA simply unable to handle the influx of new and very young people who all of a sudden are in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of a political and human battle field which they want to try and escape, but have made another country a place which is not as welcoming as they first started out thinking, it has its own limitations and its own issues to deal with and is unprepared to take in tens of thousands of little ones. A human tsunami and a human tragedy of great proportions where the answer is not just with the USA, but with entire south American nations which are simply throwing these young ones and their families to turn them away from their own homes.

We have quickly forgotten that hundreds of young girls were abducted from their school in Nigeria and no one has kept their disappearance on the front page anymore. We are simply moving on from one human tragedy to another and the world constantly is grieving one human tragedy after the other.

Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Myanmar, North Korea and much of the older Russian federation countries and so many others in internal turmoil and no end to the conflict and the killing. Not forgetting Israel and Palestine conflict that has gone on for generations, and still no chance for peace for the little countries. We have no way for even listing the conflict zones in the world and tracking who is killing whom and why, except for human belief. The whole world is either trying to fight itself or trying to dissuade the fighters. There is no limit to the killing and burials but only new reasons being thrown at the world for continued killing. The world wars of 1900's although still fresh in the memory of people, the current wars of killing by far exceed the cruelty of the world wars and the end of the current conflicts seem to get broader and broader, rather than leading to solutions. In reality there must be problems to find solutions and the current killing spree is really a problem that is without solution as people don't want to find common ground and peaceful resolution of conflicts. Just imagine the loss of life and property that is being destroyed daily, and what could be done to betterment of life for all humans if these resources are diverted to betterment of all humanity. No one is thinking of peace, and everyone is simply wanting to destroy whatever they can so the news for a few minutes will capture the loss of life and destruction of environment. There is no need for world war 3, as we are already in the war of the world and this time there is no reason for the war and as there is no reason there is also no end in sight for the war.

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