Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chanting Development

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Since the election season began in India, Modi and his fellow campaigners constantly used and after getting elected to the highest office still continue to use the word development as if it is a mantra they chant constantly. The word development is being used so commonly and generously, it has become the constant in every utterance by the PM and his team of ministers and supporters. We certainly like to hear the word development in every part of the world and every aspect of life. There is no question that in every country and every society continued development is a natural requirement to keep people happy and forward looking. It is also commendable that Indians believed in Narendra Modi's promise of development for all in India, and voted him and his party in absolute majority to run the nation for the next five years and there is no doubt that Modi and his team are looking at all angles to make every effort to promote and implement the development of the nation.

Granted that we have been in the first couple of months of administration for this government, the word development is being used so much and constantly, it is hard to imagine if it is even necessary to be told to people, as people of India have already voted for the development and they are waiting for the actions leading to new development. While the government is new and the time to start and implement programs in India (and everywhere else in the world) require time to move forward, it is also time to work on projects and programs that have been promised at the time of elections, and stop the per-poll mantra of development. People are waiting and looking forward everyday to see the promise of a better tomorrow, and each day simply turn into yesterday, and they don't need to hear the same tunes, but need to see the actions.

The new tax plans, smaller budget deficit (although still a deficit which gets added on to the already existing burden of previous decades of deficits), strong voice of the leaders on promise of better management, pro-industry and pro-labor practices, above all the support of the people of the country to the government, believing in the promise of better days in the horizon; all of them are of great help to the leaders. When the country believes that better days are in the forecast, it is like a great monsoon and great season for agriculture, which come one after the other.

The resources of India and the demands of India might not be in proportion. But if the government has the promise of better management, attracting investments will be simply equated to a global enterprise which is managed well, and wanting to grow, and will definitely attract people who want to invest in the promise of participating in the rewards of massive markets and massive benefits of the well managed enterprise. Modi's government essentially promises a massive enterprise that will be managed well and the investors well rewarded for being a part of the enterprise. While making India itself a enterprise that is run like a business might not evoke positive thoughts amongst all people of a democracy, essentially Modi's government has promised to deliver a well managed country where all participating folks will be well rewarded and well treated. The team Modi has put together also represents a management team rather than just a team of politicians. No question that they are all seasoned politicians, but their public outlook for the short period in the office along with the chief (Modi) is towards management and development. While the politicians will continue to be just that politicians, the new government's Development mantra certainly will need new outlook and new style of management. What we will see in the coming months and years, we can only wait for, but envisioning the future which is vastly different from the previous five year planning for Indian government's, the Indian business engine must work efficiently, be managed with utter care and also take into the needs of more than a billion. It is a challenge that should now go from the rhetoric of development to the implementation of a great business plan that can be viewed and reviewed by everyone, and hopefully bring benefit to all Indians.

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