Heart Attack or Gas

October 20, 2005
Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Our reactions to our body and mind are quite difficult to plan. I was reflecting on one of my cousin’s situation from a couple of days ago. Said she was getting heart pain and probably heart attack, and she was suffering from pain. Not much I could do except express concern as we live 10,000 miles away. I was thinking about what could be wrong, and was not sure if she was having heart attack how show could be still talking on the phone. She was going to see the doctor and get to the bottom of this. I am sure everyone was concerned, and probably worried.

The next day I called to check on the situation. She ha already been to the doctor and she had indigestion, and nothing close to any problems with heart. Probably heart burn due to a heavy lunch. Although we laughed it off, it could have been a serious situation. Reflecting on the situation in afterthought it is funny, and I am sure next time I talk to her I will have a few laughs.

We will react very quickly to what happens with our body with the little knowledge we have on what could be wrong. No one knows what is wrong with it, except to react to the situation.

A couple of weeks ago, while visiting a friend’s family and their little girl, something similar happened. The kid was less than a year old, and was crying hard. I thought it was indigestion, and needed some relief. My recommendation was to give a drop of Mylicon, and it will help the child feel better. They had never given the drops to the child, though the doctor had advised the same. My friend was running some errands, so, I ran to the store and got some. The minute we gave a drop, the kid was back to playing and making happy noises. I am neither doctor nor experience with medicine, but my reaction at the time was to think of relief.

Since that ay I know her diaper bag has a bottle of Mylicon, and her parents administer the medicine when she looks like she has gas. It is just another addition to bottles of milk, water, juice, diapers, wipes and now Mylicon. It helps.

Timely and planned life is just about impossible. Whenever we are in distress we probably are thinking everything is wrong. These instances although not rare, they are not common. Our day-to-day body functions are fairly regulated and only occasionally we get the body under stress, and it will not listen.

We love to eat and indulge in the best things in life. I mean food generally. I love to eat and most times pay for the consequences later in the day or next day. As I know Mirchi Bajjis are fantastic to eat, but they create lot of trouble to the weak stomach. I love to eat dosas, idlis, pooris and whatever else that are put in front of me. No question of thinking about the number of them I eat. I eat to my full and as spicy and hot as I can. I seldom think (at least so far I have not to date before I eat) about the size of my stomach. My mind always thinks of just the taste an never about the spice.

Although the sudden changes to our body’s constitution is medically simple to fix, when it happens it is hard for the individual to understand what is really happening. Our immediate reaction is to think of the worst possible thing happening to us, such as heart attack instead of heartburn. Luckily we get over this quickly and laugh it off by saying we panicked for nothing. Most of us might even joke about it.

It may be a wise thing to learn about simple remedies to practice just in case that our body may give occasional trouble. I am not advising we take a bag full of medicines, but try to understand the simple things that cause our individual bodies to react, and try to either don’t create the situation or understand what will give us relief. It’s not easy, but we can try. Just to be safe and have peace of mind.

I tried many times to indulge in my favorite things. It is not easy, specially being Indian. It is very difficult (personal opinion) too many sweets, too many foods and too many occasions in our colander. It never works. But all I advise is some restraint, or learn to cope with the situation with a calm mind.


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