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Nature’s Fury

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The massive earth quakes, the tsunamis, the heavy and unseasonal rains, the long droughts, the extreme cold, the extreme heat, and all what we call the unnatural events we term as natural disasters have always been a part of earth’s existence.Our evolution into who we are today clearly chronicles the metamorphosis of humans and the mother earth herself.

We know that one massive land mass broke into today’s continents, which still constantly are moving and creating new boundaries.The volcanoes and the earthquakes create and destroy the land and surroundings, and reshape the geography quite often.In the billions of years of its existence, the earth has always evolved into something new and reinvented the conditions that fostered life in many forms.Until the evolution of human beings in their current form who started to inhabit the land, the habitation of earth was in concert with mother-nature and its sustainability.The living beings simply survive…

Trivial Pursuit

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Normal citizen of India is looking at the Modi government for actions on many of the poll promises that put him in the PM chair just about a year ago.There is no magic to politics, and Modi and his BJP colleagues are no different than other master politicians in speech verses performance.The election promises of a political party that is in the opposition are typically targeted at the weaknesses of the incumbent government, and the electorate already has the five year history (or in some cases more than one term) to make opinions on the ruling party, and also listen and make opinions to vote for the opposition.

Along with majority of Indians both in India and the NRI community, yours truly also strongly advocated opinions (and continue to express positive opinions) for Modi lead government for India.There are may be a dozen major factors along with many more tangible and intangible reasons for voting for a change at the central government in Indi…

Where Are The Billions?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It has been a year since elected BJP government with an absolute majority, and made Narendra Modi the prime minister of India.The year has seen India and its public relations on an upswing, and Modi ass a leader with great public persona.Modi himself has always been a media and publicity savvy and he connects quite easily and well with global leaders and common man with ease.His personal equation with global leaders he has met is displayed with extraordinary ease to the tune of friendship.It is quite a site to see leaders of the world display such camaraderie with each other as if they have been friends for a long time.It is great to see Modi connect with the rest of the global leaders with such ease and simplicity, and it is quite extraordinary that all the global leaders develop such personal equation with a man who just shot into the international leadership such a short time ago.It’s all good for the Indian psychology to have its leader trea…

Victim’s Rights

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Last week’s court proceedings in Mumbai about a Hit and run case from 2002, was major headlines all across the news and web channels.Salman Khan, who has been accused of driving drunk and killing one and injuring others was in court, finally, and the hearings, judgement, bail and the ensuing drama surrounding the proceedings makes one wonder about the victim’s rights in a high profile case.
One of the survivor of the accident says “We don’t want to see Salman going to jail.We bear no ill will towards him.Our family has been hurt and destroyed because of this accident and we only want help with moving forward with our life”.It was on 28th of September 2002 when this happened and many years have passed by and much has happened to the lives of those involved.Salman continues to be a superstar and the pavement dwellers have lost a life and lively hood.After so many years of coverage and hoopla the case finally got to court on May of 2015, and the arg…

Nature’s Fury or God’s Way?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The natural disasters have become common and loss of life is in thousands due to the disasters striking close to populated areas.Sea shores or mountains or plains or any habitable place on earth have become susceptible to what we call natural disasters. The human losses have become bigger and bigger, as the natural disasters have also become bigger and bigger.Hurricanes, Tsunamis, earth quakes and every imaginable weather conditions n extremes keep striking heavily populated areas of earth and also causing both property and human losses in large scales.Billions lost in property damages and thousands killed in the process of losing everything in the way of the massive disasters.

The occurrence of a natural disaster is not a new phenomenon to the earth.These things have been happening since the beginning of time and long before mankind has been in current form.The recorded events of the natural disasters have happed on a much larger scale than thos…