Monday, May 04, 2015

Nature’s Fury or God’s Way?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The natural disasters have become common and loss of life is in thousands due to the disasters striking close to populated areas.  Sea shores or mountains or plains or any habitable place on earth have become susceptible to what we call natural disasters.  The human losses have become bigger and bigger, as the natural disasters have also become bigger and bigger.  Hurricanes, Tsunamis, earth quakes and every imaginable weather conditions n extremes keep striking heavily populated areas of earth and also causing both property and human losses in large scales.  Billions lost in property damages and thousands killed in the process of losing everything in the way of the massive disasters.

The occurrence of a natural disaster is not a new phenomenon to the earth.  These things have been happening since the beginning of time and long before mankind has been in current form.  The recorded events of the natural disasters have happed on a much larger scale than those we are experiencing today, and we have enough evidence of drastic changes to the ecology of earth and wiping out massive life forms because of these natural calamities.

The loss of property and loss of human life these days has a correlation to the habitation by human beings rather than the disasters striking at any greater frequency than they were for centuries.  We have simply grown in huge numbers into billions of us on earth, and have ignored that the earth keeps reinventing itself and is a living and breathing planet on the whole. The fire, the wind the water and the land itself are fluid and active mechanisms that work together to keep our earth along with the living beings in the way we are.  God way is nature way, and we should all know it by now that we can never change the nature way of behavior.

While we grieve our fellow citizens of the world when the natural disasters strike, we don’t learn from the last disaster.  We continue to build in the way of attracting calamities and abuse the nature that we are supposed to take care of and worship.  We simply don’t care to look at what has happened before and what might happen in the future.  The history, the science, the learning and the experience of human life which is well recorded today, has never thought to take steps to avoid the nature’s fury.  We are certain that we will die, and we are also certain that we cannot control nature’s way of behavior.  We are certain of nature striking with uncontrollable force, and we don’t have any way to protect ourselves from running away from natural disasters, yet we still build and occupy the earth right where disasters are most likely to hit.  For centuries of certain natural happening we simply think that it will not happen to where we are, and we pay a great price in both life and property by not learning from the history that is so well documented.

Mother Nature has been the same since the inception of earth and long before life in its current form.  We have grown in unimaginable multiple and we abuse the nature in unimaginable fashion.  All most all the natural disasters can be tracked and traced but we continue to live in nature’s way.  With the science and technology where it is today the earth and natures behavior is 100% predictable, but we don’t heed to our own learning, and we simply believe that it won’t happen to us, but to someone else.  When nature strikes it is news but the warnings and the experience that we have are always forgotten or they are relegated to the news or google.

If we believe in god and mother-nature they have always been consistent.  They are predictable and always have been acting with great force and predictable natural changes.  We humans are also been consistent by thinking that nothing will happen to us and we keep putting ourselves in the way of nature and predictable earth movements.  God has his own way and we humans have our own way, except there are so many more of us and so much more of civilization in harm’s way that we measure in dollars and lives; which increasing get bigger and bigger with each passing year and with each passing natural disaster.  Weather we believe in god or not, nature and its way has always been what it is, and it is us humans who are always putting ourselves in harm’s way.

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