Sunday, April 26, 2015

Netaji’s Files
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

He has been reported to be in a plane crash and perished in 1945.  He might have decided to be under wraps since 1945 and wanted to live in peace and quiet and far from the politics of the world.  We really don’t know what happened to him.  Before he disappeared Netaji Subash Chandra Bose has left behind a legacy that is good for many life times to come.  With each passing year, his legacy gets bigger and bigger and more enigmatic.  India continues to be intrigued and continued to be interested about Netaji and what really happened to him.

The way the successive Indian governments have handled his files, which are under lock and key only adds more to the intrigue to Netaji’s life after his disappearance.  In 2015, with INC under a very minor opposition as a political party, and the new government of BJP, which came into power with the platform of reforms and openness; still hold Netaji’s files a secret, and still is holding them under lock and key.  The much over blown nonsense is constantly used as a reason; sensitive information is in the files and it can hurt international relations.

It’s the biggest “crock of shit” to say that a country of more than a billion wants to make public the files on its independence heroes after more than 70 some years, and the government in 2015 keeps using the term “hurting international relations” as an excuse to keep Netaji’s files a secret.  Indians must be living in a country run by biggest bunch of idiots or the files must have information on India’s most important people who did some really stupid stuff.  Indians have always wanted to know the truth to be told, however bitter it might be.  India today night be the only country using the nonsense excuse of “hurting international relations” as a reason to keep whatever files that exist in its possession on Netaji.

One possibility is that there are really no files of importance that exist, or these files might be simply some of the personal communications between leaders at that time expressing opinions or asking each other favors.  Whatever this information is, if it exists, was between people of an era where history has already recorded their deeds and experiences, and all most all of these folks are no longer with us.  Not only the people who are no longer with us, and many of the governments have also under gone major changes across the world.  We no longer live in a world of secrecy, although our mindset might not be any more open than it was in1945.  The only difference might be we can no longer hide anything in the world.

On almost daily basis we read about Netaji’s files, his policies and politics and many new tidbits on what he did and how he did.  Lately some published article stated that he wanted India to be under dictatorship for a couple of decades.  It is clearly illogical to think that any of India’s independence fighters would want to liberate the country and then turn the country to a dictator.  In 1945 the world had a lot of experience with dictators, and for sure Netaji would know the consequences of a dictatorial regime.  While something new is constantly appearing in print, it is hard to support any suppositions on what was being thought of in the time when India was under the British rule.  From whatever information and documentation that is already in public domain, outside of personal recollection of people who were a part of the era, rest of the new information is simply supposition unless it has documentation to authenticate the information.    

The only documents that are under lock and key of the Indian government and may be with the British government (if they really exist) are the only documents that might shed light on the so called national interest (whatever that might be) and tell us what might be the information that has been kept so secret about Netaji.

Whatever these files are, if they exist, the government should simply scan them and make them public.  Netaji or whosoever is in the files and whatever information that has been kept under wraps for so many years, will simply be news for a day and people will move on with their lives.  The truth is never going to hurt Netaji’s legacy or anyone else.

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