Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Civil Disobedience

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Our own Mahatma in the early 1900 thru India’s independence in 1947 and until his death in the hands of another Indian, and Dr. King in the middle of the last century until his death in the hands of another American and Nelson Mandela for the better part of the last century and then becoming the president of South Africa after the apartheid regime; all along with many other leaders practiced civil disobedience to make a point against the human atrocities or human failings.  When they marched against a social issue or agitated peacefully against atrocities of others on their fellow beings, they really were not elected leaders or politicians.  These great souls were leaders without office or elections, they were leaders of humanity simply looking for equality and justice to their fellow beings.  Each of them and many others along with them, and before and even after them who practice non-violence and civil disobedience were making a statement about the indifference of one community to the other while living and coexisting in the same space.  Their message and life was simple that treat all human beings equally.

All the great men we talk about and read about, and constantly refer to are souls of great determination and human strength that simply allowed them to be extremely patient in communicating their message; we are all equal and let us be treated equally.  There are many millions of interpretations to their life and work, but in essence their message of peace and coexistence was quite firm and quite direct.  Every other example they set to the rest of us was peace and equality to everyone.

Their life and times were in different political and geopolitical environment, and faced vastly different environmental and public challenges.  They did not have the www or 24/7/365 media covering their messages.  They were the messengers reaching out to one person at a time and practicing what they were preaching.  Everyone else who came in touch simply absorbed their words and their message and simply followed them to achieve their life’s ambitions; peace and equality.

The world also witnessed and witnesses a lot of agitations against just about everything, and just about every way.  We humans have a way of expression for any against everything.  On everything about half of us like and about half of us dislike and a few of us have no opinion.  It is not a democratic process but we humans simply like and dislike everything.  So, on just about everything about half of us don’t like while the rest of the half like.  Agreements and dissent are a standard and staple part of life.  As such when we take the public opinion they are typically divided on like and dislike of any word, product, process, place, man, woman and child or anything else on earth.  We simply don’t agree on everything; 100% of human agreeing on something is not possible.

As with today’s constant barrage of TV, radio and internet updates there is evidence of a great market and great global audience but most of us have already made up our minds on what we like or dislike, and little swaying will be done by anything negative or positive presented to us.  There is no question that we public continuing to want positive and progressive changes to life and society.  This hasn’t changed since the beginning of life; we want to be better and do better.   We don’t have to be too smart to want to do better, it’s simply the fact of everyone’s life to do better.  We want our elected politicians to make efforts to meet the demands of electorate, we public don’t hesitate the send the politicians home very quickly if they don’t perform.

We have moved away from leaders of humanity to politics of performance.  No amount of negative advertisements or comments will do any good to sway the public opinion if there is no performance.  The days when leaders too to civil disobedience to put forth the demands of the public have long since gone and the days for leaders to perform to the needs are here.

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