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Perfect Telecom Market

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Unprecedented growth in users usually creates great opportunities for investors and customers. Be it a capitalistic society or a socialistic society, market forces typically take over in managing the imponderables with rapid growth in users and revenues and profits of any industry.

Last year, this year and future years hold great promise for the Indian telecommunications market, as the user base continue to grow at a pace that by most optimistic projections looks continuously attainable. Manufacturers, operators, suppliers, distributors and marketers are all beating their expectations and the users don’t seem to complain about what is being offered to them. Every inexpensive or most expensive offering seem to be lapped up in big numbers and customers hungry for more innovative products and services will keep the telecom market robust for years to come.

The latest developments with 3 G, VoIP and WiMax will deliver more products and services, alo…