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Family and Heritage

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The value of extended family and the importance of the support structure that is inbuilt into the Indian family are invaluable.For hundreds of years and generations after generations the traditions and values are continuously bestowed on the next generation and them respecting the past and continuing into the future is a part of the Indian psychology.
With technology, internet and a wide array of communications and television and other influences, there is a shift in the way people communicate and keep in touch with each other, but the influence of family continues to survive the test of time and advancements.People do live farther away from their families and the families themselves are no longer with many brothers and sisters in each generation, but they still behold their love for who they are and where they come from.
After the mobile phone and great expansion of telephone networks, people speak to each other often and keep current on what th…

Trip to India

Vasu Reddy From

Every small village in India has its own history and significance attached to the local area with tales of grandeur and architectural significance.Every place has great fables that are told everyday and people talk of the ancestors and their contributions with such closeness that exemplifies the dearness that beholds to the people and their past.For those visitors who traveled to India for centuries, the country continues to provide great interest in culture, heritage and definitely architecture.Although the urbanization of the country and the tremendous population growth continue to encroach into the many historic and archeologically important part of the country’s vast historically significant findings, the country continues to hold wonderful heritage all across the stretch of the nation for people to learn and appreciate the contributions of the generations of the past.
There are fascinating natural and manmade places all across the country wh…

New Year’s Resolutions

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Another year ended and a new one started without any real change in what is happening around the world.Except a few holidays during the Christmas and New Year things remain status quo, and remain so through the beginning of the New Year.They seldom seem to change although there is a lot of hype about making resolutions.
Very rarely things change during the course of the last week of the year and the beginning of the new one.It is just imagining that we will abide by the decision to do or not do something overnight on the 31st of December every year, as if we were not able to do so in the first 364 days, it is unlikely the last calendar day of the year will somehow influence decision making to alter things we normally do.It is not being cynical about New Year resolutions, but the fact of the matter is they better serve if thought through over the entire year and not as a prelude to a new calendar year.
In the past year we continue to see India stru…