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Vasu Reddy from Chicago

All democracies of the world are managing their budgets in the red (many public corporations are on this list except a very few exceptions) meaning that they are run on a fiscal deficit.This happens every year (year after year) for the USA government.The gap between revenues and outlays continues get big/ger (governments keep expanding the limits), the old debt and cost of servicing the debt gets larger, the combination of new debt and debt servicing increasing burdensome on the nation/s.

For those who really care about gap analysis, the rem is self-explanatory. some reason the democracies are not managed as we expect publicly traded companies, which should not only be socially responsible but also create profits for shareholder equity.Typically, democracies are being run to cater to vote banks and political ideology of the parties.
The obvious and politically much advertised revenue and spending GAP i…

Anger of Convenience
Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Today, it is easy to find anyone on the phone or online.Mobiles, telephones and Internet is just about everywhere, and people (most of them) want to be found.Once you sign up to something, most people don’t know how to turn off notifications or status updates.Many of us simply signup and don’t try to limit the access to our information, and many times we simply forget that we have signed-up to something, and we might never need or use.

Although travel has become more accessible and probably affordable, it is still an expensive proposition for most of the world, comparing to access via a phone, mobile or the internet.Many times, a mobile allows for both voice and video chat (outside of the obnoxious texting).Today just about anyone can look at the person on the other side, just about the thing that is missing is touch and feel.It is quite reassuring that we can find anyone, with a few clicks and check-in on their well- being.This certainly doesn’t…

Easier Tweet Than Done

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Seeing babies gassed to death is not for the faint hearted or hard hearted, it is heart wrenching to see them suffer.Anyone who sees the little children being gassed should be offended and alarmed.As always, the war claims the innocent as they are defenseless.Human history is full of destruction of history and animosity to humanity.The worst part of killing and destruction is always in the name of something, and that something is religion.Religion although never preaches violence, the interpretation is always leading to human tragedy.

It is not just the last few years in Syria and Iraq, that had either displaced or killed millions, while erasing the human history and its past glory, but this genocide has been happening way too often.Just that we have a better record of the atrocities today.We are more and more behaving as if human life and our history has no value.We are attack, gas, destroy, bomb, loot, cheat and whatever we should not be doing …


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Trump will continue to deny and tweet against anything that doesn’t suit him or unfavorable to him.No one should be surprised as it the way he has been all his 70 years and being the US president should have no impact on his behavior.We must remember that Trump has been what he is now, and there are no two faces to him.He is now surrounded with people who are of similar disposition.His spokesman makes it a daily habit of badgering anyone that has a question.Trump and anyone remotely associated with him only will question anything that is factual and doesn’t suit them (Trump) and become offensive to anything that comes in their way.

Although Trump’s presidency is in its infancy, each day has been a revelation of something other than governing the nation.Trump without hesitation carries a full family baggage, real estate baggage, personal baggage and twitter baggage; all of this or any of this would have sunk anyone running for president.Trump cons…