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Indian Telecom – The Case for Faster Growth

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Some 429 million or more users and adding quickly to this is quite an attractive case for faster growth. Government of India and the private sector should push for more rapid and positive changes in telecom. The positive effects on the overall economy due to the communications industry are enormous; 13,000 Crores of possible revenues for DOT in 2009, with 55,000 Crores of revenues in past five years, with a 15% estimated increase in the 2009 revenues to DOT for the foreseeable future. These are billions of dollars every year and just to the DOT as licensing fees from operators.

There is positive earning that contributes to income tax that further enhances government’s take from communications industry. There is no begrudging these numbers, rather the fantastic positive effect of the communications industry to the nation’s coffers. Every minute people are calling out to someone, there is revenue to the government.

There are government enterpri…