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Vasu Reddy from Chicagovasureddy@aol.comSome 300 million people in India own a phone and are communicating with each other witin the country and probably with many millions more across the world.The number of subscribers in India is growing rapidly and shows no sign of slowing down.In five years from now we could have 700 million or more and perhaps the largest mobile community of the world from India.To estimate the market growth has been is to simply underestimating the potential of the Indian market, and the demand seems constant.Dozens of operators, thousands of innovative companies, tens of thousands of outlets, millions of advertisement minutes and constant press on the communications revolution will keep pushing a variety of options and opportunities for the Indian Communications Consumer. More 2 G NetworksOutside of the expected 3 G networks, more 2 G networks are inline for deployment.There is plenty of rural India to be covered by the current operators, and as it is mandated…