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Netaji’s Files
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

He has been reported to be in a plane crash and perished in 1945.He might have decided to be under wraps since 1945 and wanted to live in peace and quiet and far from the politics of the world.We really don’t know what happened to him.Before he disappeared Netaji Subash Chandra Bose has left behind a legacy that is good for many life times to come.With each passing year, his legacy gets bigger and bigger and more enigmatic.India continues to be intrigued and continued to be interested about Netaji and what really happened to him.

The way the successive Indian governments have handled his files, which are under lock and key only adds more to the intrigue to Netaji’s life after his disappearance.In 2015, with INC under a very minor opposition as a political party, and the new government of BJP, which came into power with the platform of reforms and openness; still hold Netaji’s files a secret, and still is holding them under lock and key.The much o…

India’s Heroes

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

India has a lot of men and women who gave their entire life and sometimes life until their death to the cause of India’s independence.Hundreds of thousands sacrificed their entire life to get the British out of Hindustan.While Gandhi and Nehru represented India globally along with a few others who became the political mainstream of India post its independence.The list of freedom fighters who gave their life fighting the oppression and occupation is so long and so distinguished that if is disrespectful to all of us and to their memory not to think of every one of them.There is no better cause they fought for and no way to repay their contributions except we think well of them.We pay our respect just remembering them.

Bhagat Singh, even today brings pride to all Indian hearts.Sardar Patel the Iron Man even today remembered for his deft politics and policies.Alluri Sita Rama Raju is still remembered for his fearlessness in facing the occupying force…

Mandating Balanced Spending

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The governments must adopt balanced budgets as a part of electoral and governing process.All democratic governments must make constitutional amendments to adopt balanced budgets and also eliminate the debt that is being carried on their books.

Countries, states, municipalities, cities and everyone that represents an electorate must be mandated to adopt balanced and debt free budget.
The United States despite its vast resources and great wealth has had very few presidents that delivered balanced budgets or surplus revenues since its formation.Just about every president since George Washington has added to the budgets deficit of the nation, and the current president has not helped much to deflate the budgets.As we elect a new president and the government adopts a new budget, the deficits are growing in trillions (only the super intelligent or super computers can keep track of zeros in trillions) and there is no end to borrowing and increasing the de…

Civil Disobedience
Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Our own Mahatma in the early 1900 thru India’s independence in 1947 and until his death in the hands of another Indian, and Dr. King in the middle of the last century until his death in the hands of another American and Nelson Mandela for the better part of the last century and then becoming the president of South Africa after the apartheid regime; all along with many other leaders practiced civil disobedience to make a point against the human atrocities or human failings.When they marched against a social issue or agitated peacefully against atrocities of others on their fellow beings, they really were not elected leaders or politicians.These great souls were leaders without office or elections, they were leaders of humanity simply looking for equality and justice to their fellow beings.Each of them and many others along with them, and before and even after them who practice non-violence and civil disobedience were making a statement about the …