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A Reason to Shop

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

USA has a lot of days where the shops advertise massive sales; just another way of keeping the prices very high and announcing a reduction in price due to sale.As much as 50% or more and in some cases as much as 80% or 90% is offered as reduction from the original price.There must be no place on earth the idea of sale is as widely used by the retailers as in the USA.Everywhere you go, and just about every week the stores advertise in the newspapers, fliers and internet with sometimes on sale to keep customers coming into the store, and buy what they need and also on impulse.

Today is Memorial Day and one of the busy days for retailers who advertise massive reduction in their entire inventories. Colorful advertisements show massive reduction in prices on everything that is available in stores; especially the big retailers make every effort to attract holidaying shoppers into walk into the store.Along with millions of Americans and families, I too …

How Much Is Enough?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

In a never ending saga of professional atheletes continuing to display greater greed, we have the latest of the Cricketers throwing in the towel for money.Literally throwing in the towel is a reference to playing for money, and nothing more.They might have definitely influenced the outcome of the games where they cheated on behalf of the gamblers, and for very little financial gain throw away the games and the very hard work of their teammates and the great following of millions of fans.It makes little common sense to throw games in the age of electronics and communications; as getting caught doing something (good or bad) is always a certainty.

In the same game where Dravid, Tendulkar, Kumble, Ganguly, Sehwag, Harbajan and others are still active, these youngsters worked for bookies rather than their teams.They have had great teammates and leaders who have played the game for a long time and exemplified the hard work of a professional athlete.The…

No Way Out

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

What will happen to India and its people?If we continue to be held hostage to scams, murder and rape, and disinterest in the society by the ones who are a privileged few in a large country with a vast population.Earlier today one of the fellow NRI’s was wondering what will happen to India, if we continue to face such serious social issues that are highlighted everyday in India.He wondered what kind of future the generations of today will have if we don’t make appropriate adjustments to the behavior of the general public and callousness in dealing with fellow human beings.For a moment one has to wonder why a man 10,000 miles away from his home is worried, and what will be going on in the minds of the men and women who live in India, and have to deal with these instances every day.

Everyone loves the country, and no question about it.Why don’t we show the same respect to our fellow men and women and children?Why don’t we respect the other person sp…

Self Respect Of Telugu People

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

NTR is probably one of the most beloved Telugu leaders and long after his passing away he continues to be in the hearts of Telugu people.World over NTR and Telugu folks associated with one another, and his passing away has never diminished his aura as a man of the masses, and a man who represented the self respect of the Telugu people.When I left India NTR was still romancing Sri Devi, Jaya Prada, Jaya Sudha and other young ladies, and entertaining our people prior to the age of TV serials and Internet.There was absolute adoration of NTR along with other heroes of his time and the movies were a great source of entertainment and relief to the people of all generations.

For many generations of people NTR will be and continue to be the foremost bearer of the pride of the Telugu People.He was on screen and off the screen a man who had great command of the language and issues and the pulse of the Telugu people.He reached out to all around him and was…