Monday, May 06, 2013

Self Respect Of Telugu People

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

NTR is probably one of the most beloved Telugu leaders and long after his passing away he continues to be in the hearts of Telugu people.  World over NTR and Telugu folks associated with one another, and his passing away has never diminished his aura as a man of the masses, and a man who represented the self respect of the Telugu people.  When I left India NTR was still romancing Sri Devi, Jaya Prada, Jaya Sudha and other young ladies, and entertaining our people prior to the age of TV serials and Internet.  There was absolute adoration of NTR along with other heroes of his time and the movies were a great source of entertainment and relief to the people of all generations.

For many generations of people NTR will be and continue to be the foremost bearer of the pride of the Telugu People.  He was on screen and off the screen a man who had great command of the language and issues and the pulse of the Telugu people.  He reached out to all around him and was simple yet charismatic in his approach to delivering to his audience’s heart and mind; together and appealing to the sense of pride of a language and its people.

Hundreds of movies portrayed him in just about every social, political, historical and mythological get ups, and he enthralled one and all with each one of them.  When he entered politics, his simple formula for success was self-respect of the Telugu people, which appealed to every man, woman and child who was of Telugu descent.  The message was simple to reach to the people from their favorite star reaching out to each and every one of Telugu ancestry as the self-respect is a matter of pride.  It strikes a chord with every person to speak of their language and its people in terms of dignity and respect.  It doesn’t mean that NTR was the first person to raise the consciousness of Telugu pride, but no one spoke of it in terms of reality of the situation in India and treatment that was being meted out by the center to the state.

NTR was magical with his performance on the screen and equally electrifying in politics.  He had no experience with politics when he entered into the scene, and he really did not need any experience to reach out to his Telugu brethren.  The man knew how to reach to each any every person who was listening to him, and was very effective in communicating his message to the people; and the message was what the people wanted to hear.

Politics are a profession where words that are said and deeds that are delivered after elections are like day and night.  In case of NTR his promises were also simple; outside of the pride of Telugu people, he offered simple schemes and implemented them effectively.  It is not to say that his rhetoric was delivered to every bite he said, but he did deliver to his major promises, outside of highlighting the self-respect of his people.

His statue once again is well deserved and well place in the Indian parliament.  He belongs with the Indian greats and politicians who defined the charisma of individual brilliance and the ability to reach to the masses and also deliver to the masses.  NTR belongs in elite company and as time goes by his legacy as a performer and a politician will continue to shine brighter.  In a long list of gaffes and goof-ups of the government, the unveiling of NTR’s statue is one bright spot of politicking for the current government.  Whoever initiated or help place NTR at Indian parliament deserves applause, and all those who appreciate the great man’s legacy also need to be applauded.

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