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Political Conundrum

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

General elections are just around the corner for India, and we have all media and the public discussing the upcoming elections in full tempo. Not a person or issue is left untouched, and every man, woman and child has multiple opinions on every party and every candidate who might be considering running for elected office. Caste, culture, language, region and even the slightest difference between people is made into a great big issue by the politicians simply trying to project themselves as the saviors of specific community. We, Indians are no different than any other country with open elections and candidates with resources running after elected office. There is a definite attraction to the elected office in a democracy, just so by looking at the candidates running for office; very successful businessmen and women, educated and experienced entrepreneurs, money men and women, people with societal stature, and whosoever who has the resources a…

Picking A Leader

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

For more than a billion people the next three months will be one more crucial time for picking the next leader of the largest democracy on earth. India although a voting democracy, typically is run like a private autocracy, but people still get challenged every five years to go and vote and try to bring the much needed empowerment of the public and the public systems, to empower the country to get on with its developmental needs. India since 1947 have typically voted with heart and hope, and decades later it still is a developing country and never has started to be a developed country.
The country is still plagued with poverty and malnutrition, dowry and harassment, poor and very rich (although it is not a barrier), uneducated and labor without benefits, politics and politics; and any other societal inequality that the English dictionary can think of for a underdeveloped union. We are still at least a 100 years behind on whatever we can classi…

Flight 370
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It has been 11 days today and still there is no sign of the missing Malaysian Flight 370 with a total of 239 people (12 crew and 227 passengers) along with it. As incredible as it sounds and in today's world, the governments of Malaysia and all other nations that are involved in searching for the missing plane have no clue of where it is, let alone what has happened to the big machine with lots of people from at least 15 countries in it. From the time 370 went missing there have been a lot of speculation on who, what, when, where and why with the Boeing 777.
The world has thousands of pieces of spy equipment in, around and over the earth, and we still have no clue on what happened to this plane. Isn't this incredible or what? We live in the world where even when someone farts, Google will find the exact location and time and pinpoint the coordinates to the nth degree, with probably a clear picture of the person and put it on the inter…

800 Million Plus Voices
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

General elections of 2014 are fast approaching in India, and the politicians are making speeches in high gear all across the country. All across the country the anticipation of the general elections in high pitch and at peak volume. Everyone in India and all Indians across the world are in expectations for at least a change in course of the government. There is a lot of politicians jumping parties and making deals for constituencies, and getting their bank accounts ready to face the voters and parties that they plan to represent.

From some estimates in the USA, Indian general elections of 2014 might be the most expensive elections in the history of the world. Just imagine if the reported costs are going to be the most expensive, the unreported costs could be enough to eliminate the budget deficit of most of the civilized world. While the discussion on the cost of the elections and running for office is such a massive amount, how much of the …


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

As long as politics and politicians have been alive and in action about-face is a term that is synonymous with politicians and politics. There is absolutely nothing sacred in politics and how the life and times of politicians is defined. Very seldom history has had a politician that can be found who has stuck what was said and what was done (even a great Google search will not find an example of someone who never changed positions in politics). This definitely doesn't mean that leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and many great ones of the past and may be of the future are no exceptions to changing their mind about a position or policy. If the great men have changed their position on a specific issue, there must be a compelling reason to do so, and there must be a reason for the betterment of the society and/or a convincing enough reason to change positions.
But in today's politics, Volta-Face is just ab…