Monday, March 10, 2014

800 Million Plus Voices
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

General elections of 2014 are fast approaching in India, and the politicians are making speeches in high gear all across the country. All across the country the anticipation of the general elections in high pitch and at peak volume. Everyone in India and all Indians across the world are in expectations for at least a change in course of the government. There is a lot of politicians jumping parties and making deals for constituencies, and getting their bank accounts ready to face the voters and parties that they plan to represent.

From some estimates in the USA, Indian general elections of 2014 might be the most expensive elections in the history of the world. Just imagine if the reported costs are going to be the most expensive, the unreported costs could be enough to eliminate the budget deficit of most of the civilized world. While the discussion on the cost of the elections and running for office is such a massive amount, how much of the money spent will be recouped by these politicians and in how many fold to what will be spending in running for office and getting elected. In whatsoever form the money will be changing hands, much of it will be wasted in booze and entertainment and a lot of will be stashed in suitcases exchanging hands to win vote blocks.

Eight hundred plus million people will be going to the voting booths and electing a new parliament, and many states will also have statewide elections in concert with the national elections. India looks poised for a change in leadership as the current PM has already announced that he will not be seeking a new term with the new parliament. Whatever party gets into the majority mode (as it looks like it will once again be a coalition government), there will be a new PM in Delhi. It might have costs billions that might have changed hands to get the new elections done, but it will be a new face on the national leadership.

The most exciting aspect of the new leadership is the hope that it brings to the population that the new ideas and new programs will be put in place to look at the needs of the people. The country is getting larger and larger in population, and are also demands of the people who can barely survive. India's estimated poverty line and figures are so far from the truth and reality, it is difficult to put value or numbers on them. Only pushing the country into education, employment and openness is what is required of the new leader of the country. For a country that has the history of culture and innovation, today's plight is not for the history books. The country really needs to focus internally on the importance of internal emphasis on self-reliance and self-development.

Everyone of India's neighbors have scant respect for India and or Indians. They blatantly and deliberately poke into Indian internal and external affairs and constantly challenge the country's integrity and intelligence. India simply doesn’t respond to them in kind or with appropriateness. The media highlights the slighting nature of its international boundaries, but never does take a shot at responding in kind, where as every news agency in countries bordering India, have a daily washing to the Indians and Indian systems. We are incapable of responding to anything; both with the country and outside of it. Everyone and anyone with a mike or a pen or a computer bash India and its people, and we do nothing about it. The recent events with the Indian Counselor in New York and how was handled can only be a testament to the impotent response of the Indian government. We; a nation of more than a billion people and that too democratic; we waste time in just bashing each other and never are together to respond in kind to aggression by others surrounding us or anyone in the world.

The new elections while sounding very big and expensive must yield leadership that will tackle this issues of the country within and also outside. The country and its people should come first and everything last. Indians are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings and their needs, specially of their children. The next leader should make us proud and face the national needs and also international threats without hesitation. India and Indians can be self sufficient and self-sustaining and there absolutely no need for backing away from facing its own issues within, and anything that comes from outside. Let us elect a leader who will put India first and everything else last. Jai Hind.

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