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Cricket Club – Proddatur Diaries

Vasu Reddy

The heat of the summer never was a factor for playing cricket in the holidays, and when we were home in proddatur.The early days for my cricket experience was to join the big guys in town get accepted into the team.I really don’t remember what we called the team but I believe it was “Proddatur Cricket Club”.The first question that was asked of me was if I had a cricket kit: which simply meant cricket gear including proper cricket dress and shoes.The team shared the bats, balls, pads, gloves and obviously the guard, each player needed just the cricket whites and appropriate shoes, some of us even wore a sweater like the professional cricketers did.I always played in school during the regular season, so I was well prepared for my first experience with the hot days on the field and fondness for the game.
The only difference was the age of the guys.Most of the guys were either in college or already done with college, and I was still in high school.To start with t…

Colony – Proddatur Diaries

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The original layout of my colony was no more than 4 streets by 2 lanes.I really never checked into the original planning for my colony, but I have to believe that they wanted a planned community in my town of Proddatur.When I left my town for Chicago, we had very few cars and a few scooters and motor cycles.Most of us just walked to wherever we were going into town.I still remember there was a bicycle rental shop at the beginning of Gandhi Road, where you could rent a bicycle by the hour for I believe a quarter of a Rupee.In those days renting a bike was a luxury, which you saved for longer distances like going to Rameswaram. I went to school outside of town, to boarding schools.Early education in Horsley Hills and the last couple of years in Penakacherla (stories for some other time).You can Google both and they are both wonderful places.I was home for the holidays and whatever little time I had in town, it was full of wonderful memories and as …

Does Democracy Really Foster People’s Agenda?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

My state of Andhra Pradesh has been split into two almost two years ago.My old state (what is left after cutting it into two) doesn’t have a capital city yet, and really doesn’t have a lot of infrastructure that constitutes a fully functioning state.However, it does have an elected government and a chief minister, and it does have a long list of unfulfilled election promises made by the current and elected state government and bifurcation promises made by the center.It only doesn’t have an owner who will own up to these promises.Nowadays it is a common practice to promise the moon prior to the election, but once in power keep attacking opposition and encouraging elected representatives to jump into the ruling party (it really doesn’t make sense to have a majority government to attract elected opposition party leaders to come into their government).It is also unusual for the central government to ignore the commitments to a state that got separat…

The Burden of Debt

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

With more than 16 Trillion dollars (only god knows how many zeros in a Trillion) in national debt and growing at jet speed ($56,378.00 per person) as of last week, USA as a nation is by far the biggest borrower on Earth.It is perhaps no other nation has even the capacity to borrow that much money.In 2015 USA spent over $430 billion on just the interest payment which is approximately $3500.00 per tax payer.The interest rate was a very modest 2.5% annual rate on this money.
The debt is greater than the annual GDP of the United States, and the debt stood at 102.98% of GDP when last calculated.
The USA as the largest economy on earth and the most prosperous nation on the planet, to be in such a dire financial stage is nothing but political mismanagement.
The nation keeps raising the debt ceiling (with a bit of drama in congress every time) at alarming rates and the elected officials (every one of them) play politics that cater to the next election cycl…