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Donald Trump and the New World

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

While Donald Trump has a lot of bluster and illogical comments (notwithstanding the nasty discussion on women, minorities, religion, law, jobs, trade, beauty and money) in his normal campaign day, he does make some very legitimate concerns of Americans come to the public forum.While the republican party he is currently representing is going all out to deny him their party’s nomination, he is garnering enough support and attention from the republicans and the media to keep ahead of the others vying for the party’s nomination.
It’s no guarantee that he will be the Republican Party’s nominee as of today (28 March 2016), but it looks increasingly certain that Trump will be the republican nominee for president in the upcoming November 2016, US presidential race.
There is a lot of fodder for networks, internet and the political junkies.The reality shows are constant and no one knows what the republicans will do next.If you like television and uncertaint…

The Presidential Chair

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Barak Obama is only the 44th President to occupy the presidential chair in the USA.For the most prosperous democracy on earth, the USA has yet to have a women president.In the elections that followed president Regan in the early 1980’s, and each successive election has been more visible because of 24/7/365 cable television, and the subsequent and ever increasing coverage with mobile and internet services.
When he started out to run for the presidential office, President Regan did not have 24 hour breaking news and instant messaging to reach out to millions of people with a click a button.The presidents and the presidential contenders had remained civil in debates, advertisements and communications.The presidential elections were primarily ideological and in line with the party’s agenda.There was little personal animosity displayed in public, and most of the election drama came with policy challenges and sometimes simple one line pot shots.The fam…

Romancing the Internet

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

A lifelong habit of reading everything that was available was a practice long before the Internet became a staple in my daily routine.No matter what the day brings, reading was something that kept the mind occupied and at most times current.Reading about whatever was available on earth (sometimes in multiple languages) stating from Shakespeare to now a days Wikipedia, reading is still as exciting as it was in grade school.
The internet allows for more updating on just about everything on a real time basis, and also allows for anytime and anywhere reading.The age old habit of purchasing (sometimes subscribing) to magazines and newspapers are now done thru investing in a single internet connection.
Beginning to write on romancing the internet, whatever the cost of internet access while at home or on a mobile device (and specially its convenience and availability), by far is factional comparing to the cost of buying newspapers, books, mail, movies (a…

What is left of Andhra Pradesh?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Since the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh into two states; the new and reduced Andhra Pradesh (“AP”) and the new state of Telangana, the new and reduced state of AP has been a step child of the central government, with neither the old government that divided the state, nor the new government that is in power now (and also a coalition partner in power for the residual state of AP) have shown any inclination towards the needs of the new state.While Modi was the chief guest for foundation laying for the new state capital in Amaravati, he came to make a speech and his gift to the new state was dirt and water.Although presumably holy, the water and dirt did not add anything to reassure the people of new state of any type of plan or any kind of commitment from the PMO.The special status and infrastructure development ideas are just that, ideas and rhetoric of the past and before the last elections.
It was Congress that was in power at the center and also…