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Too Successful To Regulate?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Every wireless communications company in India is big. By big meaning they have already paid huge upfront costs for license and infrastructure even before they get started. Each wireless player have to pay hundreds of millions to get a UAS license and then pay for the area licenses, along with infrastructure and people costs. There is no small mobile services company in India; each and every one all of them are big investments.

There is constant squabble about the impending changes to regulations in the communications markets, and constant delays in implementation of changes and advances. The much delayed 3 G license auctions is an example of squandering a wonderful opportunity to help relieve the congestion in the mobile airwaves, and allowing for much needed high end mobiles services. 3 G services would help bring in more low ARP users who need basic services into the mobile population, while allowing the migration of high ARP users to mov…