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Celebrity Bashing

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

With television and internet covering every move of personalities and commoners at the same rate, it has become difficult to separate the important events and nonsense.Things are blown out of proportion, or continuously covered until the next incident happens.Every opportunity that even remotely resembles a conflict or a confrontation gets blown out of proportion.The latest incident involving bollywood actors and a businessman was sensationalized for days, and both parties claiming that they were provoked and the other party was guilty of enticing the fight.

It was a fancy restaurant to have guests of repute and importance, who were able to afford the expensive environment.The place demanded affluence of the pocket but never of the heart or reputation.Both parties could have avoided the confrontation at the late hour of the night, but they chose to use verbal abuse and fist cuffs to demonstrate the street fights, rather than cordial deviation of …


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

There is no longer the need to advertise or promote your products, services or self these days.As long as they are sensational and have 30 minute fame, they get quick attention from the electronic media and the Internet.Do something outside of the box or engage in behavior that is unusual, you get instant internet audience, and then the large network of television stations that need to fill in 24/7/365 space on the air.Until the next sensational happening occurs, the electronic media will hammer the incident as latest and greatest news and pound people until they get wary of listening to the same with variations on what happened and commentary on who, what, when, where and why, without any verification of facts, just a lot of speculation.The story typically changes many times during the coverage and the commentary outweighs the news content.
Until another event happens, the story will stay on and will be clearly highlighted for its duration.There…

Holier Than Thou

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
Since PV Narasimha Rao’s government at the Center, every government seem to be embroiled in some scam or the other.Every government has been under the scanner for irregularities and misappropriation of funds.The cost of elections also has been going up with each election cycle, and successive governments have engaged in behavior that is not befitting a democratically elected government.
Democratically elected government’s definitely spend election money to get messages across to the population and promote their programs as the best option available for the country each time an election is held, and certainly the candidates and the parties that are contesting need to raise money to promote their messages.The creation of political parties, political funding and promoting the agenda is all a democratic and transparent process which is simple to manage and has a process of money and message management.The global democracies foster in open elections w…

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

When one starts to believe in what is believed to be true despite the reality, it begins to sound as if the person is telling the truth and emphasizing the details to start repeating the same until presenting the details as truth, irrespective of what it is.People really make things up to suit their personal agendas and start representing the same in great detail and start to believe it as the truth and also start representing things in great detail to others to make them believe that it is the truth. The age old saying that truth is easy to say and no need to repeat or remember when truth is stated, but when someone wants to make themselves believe what they are saying is truth by repeatedly making the same statements until they start believing that what they made up is true, it starts to fulfill their own ego.People go to great extent to represent their version of events as truth and start believing in the nonsense as truth.
Great deal of atten…