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Modified or Tughluq

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

It has been a couple of years since BJP and Modi took over the governance of India from INC.As with most NRI population, I too voiced great opportunism with the election of Modi to lead India.Not withstanding his managerial abilities, his public persona, his pronouncements, his attitude, his work ethic, and whole lot of qualities and mostly his stance on cleaning-up India’s entrenched political and bureaucratic looting, was all in his favor.I wrote many times that Modi did not need money for himself (I still strongly believe this) and thus makes him the best candidate to root out corruption.
Modi constantly spoke against corruption and black money in Indian political and commercial system.The country is 100% dependent on baksheesh.Everyone has a handout to do anything.From very simple thing to complicated decisions are based on paying for the services, and Modi rallying against this was perhaps the most politically attractive rallying cry agains…

What If?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Donald Trump winning the presidential election in 2016 was in line with the US Populations current frame of mind.If you look at 70's thru 2000’s there was little issues of race and religion, people were into globalization, mobility, technology and telecommunications, and definitely the Internet added the elimination of distance between people.

First, personally I really don’t like confrontation.I really don’t like public display of acrimony and strife.Especially after a certain age, people should respect each other, and if they don’t just keep quiet.I really did not like the tome of the 2016 US presidential elections.The election cycle was simply distasteful and disrespectful to the entire viewing and listening population.I am glad the election is over, and also the general disbelief that Trump is going to be our next president.
Hillary Clinton’s defeat was not unprecedented.But certainly Trump winning the Electoral College was a definite surp…

It Would Have Been Kryptonite For Anyone Else

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Last Tuesday’s US Presidential election and Donald Trump acquiring the majority of the Electoral College needed to be elected President, was nothing but a fascinating political drama perhaps will be studied by political scientists and pundits for generations to come.I have to admit that Trump’s victory was surprising and quite quick towards the unfolding evening, and probably fooled everyone on the planet.The only thing that was clear was the racial and economic divide in states that constantly voted democratic, and in 2016 simply either did not care for what the democrats represented or simply did not vote, or even so split on racial lines.It is easy to be a Monday morning quarter back, as we already know what happened.Hillary although won the majority of the votes, fell short with the Electoral College.Hillary Clinton still has a lot to offer to all the people of the USA with her long service to the communities and her fight to the finish to t…

Is it the End of the Season of Acrimony?
Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Whosoever is the winner of the 2016 Presidential election should not simply let go of the campaign rhetoric.The winner should go on to establish their individual and unique credentials worthy of the American people’s confidence in electing to the highest office of the nation.The winner should make every effort to address the negativity that came from the opponent to minute detail and let people know the truth behind each acquisition.It is not to suggest look for revenge or getting even, but setting record straight.For once, when such an acrimonious election ends, it also needs closure.Closure only comes with closing the obvious and obnoxious accusations of the acrimonious campaign.

Clinton and/or Trump should save exchanging niceties of election night and focus on the people of the nation, and also one each other to bring a closure to what was said for 16 months or more of campaigning.There is no need to call and offer any kind of consolation or …