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Continuous Reinvention of Democracies

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The law of the land in any democracy is to make the law and all its people follow it.Defining democracy can be very simple or very complicated, but enjoying the freedom that is fostered what makes it a rightful aspect of life.The law of the land starts with electing representatives with a simple majority, who in turn manage the people’s business the administration and making or adjusting the law of the land to best suit the needs of its population.As all the elected representatives are for a definitive period (sometimes limited to reelection, or term limits), the electorate always has the option to replace or reelect the same person.Essentially people have the ultimate power to choose who represents them.

Voter preferences, choices and needs are reflected each time they vote.Exercising the right to vote and choose the representatives that follow, enforce and reinvent the law of the land on a continuous basis makes the democracy to reinvent the pe…

Rich Man & Poor Man

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

India the largest democracy lead by Modi as its prime minister and the USA the oldest democracy lead by Donald Trump as its President, are both quite a contrast in making daily news.Both the leaders have robust opposition to their agenda, but the contrasting personalities handling the politics, policy, perception, personalities and pertinence are as different as day and night. The common trait between Modi and Trump is their use of social media.They have millions of followers and both are active on social media.That’s where the similarities end. For their followers on social media, the leaders of the largest and oldest democracy the contrast is obvious and reflect their approach to governing and life.The reality is that Modi is from a very small town with very limited resources to his family, and Trump a well to do real estate family with New York as his base and a wealthy man who just wanted to be president.For both India and USA, the elevation M…

The Magic of Personal Time

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
We no longer have any more personal space.Our phones, computers, work, home, driving, shopping, walking and whatever we are doing including sleeping is on a clock or on a timer.Someone is monitoring or watching what we do, even if we are unaware.Our whereabouts and our habits are recorded and available.Not that we should worry, but our every moment is there to rewind and review.Despite the ever-increasing archiving of our every action, some of us (many of us) are beginning to constantly update our every moment.What was at a time the life styles of the rich and famous, is now the same for someone on Facebook or Instagram.Personal albums no longer are that, but on the net for everyone to see, and perhaps reminisce and criticize.Our daily routines are common updates.While a personal space is on a constant update, the same is also being exploited by the fanatics and politicians.For whatever it is worth our life is out there in the cyberspace and upd…

Focus on People’s Agenda

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Although the negatives get more (constant) coverage, the direction of a democratic government is driven by the election manifesto and the actions after a victorious campaign.The people who voted (for the winning candidate) and the press will pay attention to the results of the pre-election manifesto.Actions that follow the promises prior to the election will always be appreciated and rewarded with continued electoral victories.

It is given that poll promises are voice against the opposition and to attract votes.Promising handouts is common and playing to the audience.People love to hear the candidates of their party talk of how well (better) their candidate will cater, comparing to the other party.To win an election, candidates will kiss babies, shake every hand, eat at McDonalds, sleep in motels and do what normal people do; and they will speak to everyone and promise to do what their party’s manifesto displays.Nothing changes with each election…

An Uncivilized Society

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

For centuries, the human behavior has evolved into what the dictionary refers to civilized.Simply put being civil (nice, respectful, mindful, attentive, caring and many of the words and actions) that are consistent with a lawful society.Whosoever makes the rules, the entire society follows the, thereby all citizens in the society become a civilized society.

From small groups of people, to congregations, colonies, villages, towns, cities and countries; whatever type of living we belong to they have a set of rules to follow, and we follow them.Democracies, dictatorships, communists, whatever the ruling constitution of a nation, people simply choose to follow the rules, and if not, they mostly migrate to some other place where they believe the rules of life is more conducive to their liking, and make a new life.

The last part of the 20th century has been an age of communications and information technology, which has driven more relocation of people a…

Taxing Decisions

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

India passed the GST (Goods and Services Tax), on the last day of June 2017.It joins a group of nations that have implemented the same (supposedly select group) simplified and uniform tax code for selling goods and services.If we look at the geo-political scape of India, GST begins to simplify the massive and multi-teared (sometimes excessive and unfathomable) and facilitate an easier tax collection system.

While BJP government has been able to garner support to implement GST, India had been contemplating streamlining GST for many years.Modi and his determination on financial reforms is commendable in negotiating and pushing the legislation on GST.It certainly has political risks, but Modi has demonstrated that he is willing to take them.

GST is only a portion of the tax code.It certainly covers all good and services sold in the country, and the nation can start to account for every aspect of the transactional economy.While people might disagree o…


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Love for movies has been life time for me.On Friday (6-24-2017) I saw Salman Khan’s new movie Tube light.For some unexplained reason, our bathroom lights were flickering right after I watched the movie.This movie just like any other movie, is just fine with me.It has a bit more melodrama (taking you back to a couple of generations of emotions) and has a big cast including Om Puri, Salman Khan and his brother along with a good support cast and thrown in for good measure of Indo-Chinese conflict and melodrama with a couple of Chinese actors.The movie itself is simple is limited to a small village on the foothills of the Himalayas.The backdrop is wonderful and picturesque.

The movie critics have panned the movie.The box office has not been as magical as Salman Khan’s last few movies.This should not come as a surprise to anyone as the movie itself is not a regular masala movie but focuses on a boy/man who is developmentally challenged and his convict…

Newton’s Third Law

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Trump always said if some hits you hit them back harder.Although I start writing about Newton’s Third Law (for every action there is equal and opposite reaction), Trump has 70 years of life’s experience in hitting back at anyone who questions or differs with him.He is from New York and a real estate developer, and is an old man with life’s experience of hard knocks and hitting back, and more so rebuilding (building and rebuilding) again and again.No one must like him or dislike him for who he is, as he is the president of the United Sates, and people put him there.To complain, to keep trying to make him something he is not or doesn’t want to do, is impractical, especially given that he is the most powerful man on earth, leading the USA.

Only referring to previous presidential behavior as presidential is history, and much has changed with each presidency and its time and place.From Washington to Obama, times are very different in between each pres…

Only One Place Called Home

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

In you have lived in the Chicago area for about 20 years, you notice the changes to the weather.Winter is no longer 4 to 5 months long with snow, clod and blowing wind, where you must bundle up before venturing out.There were Aprils where snow was still around.

It has become a standard phrase for long-time residents in the area to say, “I don’t miss the snow and wintry weather”.The mid-west might have missed the year (several years) in having snow cover for four or five months, but it does impact the rest of the seasons.Hot weather in May and not a white Christmas or New Year.It is strange.

Our four seasons have their own charm, seasonality and importance.One season leads to the other, people, farming, life-style, everything moderate each-other and life is in full cycle, all four seasons.Each season with its own charm and importance and reason, keeping with the cycle of life.Weather was predictable and life revolved around the seasons.

Landing in C…

Grading Modi

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

It is summer in India and it is also the time when students receive their grades.In India, the toppers in school and colleges get a lot of very good coverage (outside of opportunities).It is also about 3 years into BJP controlled government in India under Modi’s leadership.It is an opportune time to grade him.

BJP under Modi’s leadership has renewed nationalism and has displayed better ability to deal with internal and external issues.It has been a clear observation of the press that Modi is not interested in money or personal benefits.He has no one to leave it to.Modi’s family has always stayed far away from his political life and personal life (if he has any personal life?).Outside of his minimum visits with his very elderly mother, Modi really doesn’t have family around him, nor any personal obligations.

Modi has never shown interest in any personal benefits from his office.While little is kept secret about Modi and his political life either wh…

Other People’s Power

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Billions of dollars are spent on US presidential elections.This is just for the president, and untold amounts are spent on congressional and senate elections.Politics itself is a massive industry (in every election cycle) as advertisers, promotions, travel, hotels, people, industrial and human resources, cars, busses, oil and gas, and everything else in the country is mobilized and paid for by the campaigns.Although the money is raised by the candidates, it mostly flows back into the economy.It is well accounted for and well spread out into the nation’s economic system.Candidates raising money and spending it on bashing each other, is in one way adding to the economic activity.Although we don’t hear the coverage on economic impact of raising campaign money and spending it.With each election cycle the campaign spending keeps growing (just like our national debt).

Political action committees and various loop holes in the system allows for raising h…

The Dalmatian Man

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

In my early days of international travel without the mobile, internet and still on road maps and local telephones, I travelled to the old Yugoslavia several times.When I last visited the Yugoslavia, it was still under Milosevic rule.I worked the markets in business development for telecommunications, and a beeper was a fancy gadget at that time.In my many trips to Eastern Europe and travels to lands where I spoke none of the language and many times crisscrossed the world, all I found was support and help to work effortlessly.Those were the days documenting anything was not as it is today, so only memories of the many wonderful local partners (friends) that remain with me, and their friendship.

I did spend a reasonable amount of time working on Yugoslavia (never got to see a license).From staying on the Danube in an old fort overlooking Novi Sad, to cross country trip in a Volkswagen from Belgrade to Zagreb, and many wonderful places and people, w…

Commitment and Results

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

For more than 10 years I have been blogging with time off when I really got sick.Much of my weekly columns revolve around AP, India and the USA.Some politics, some personal stories but I try not to get promotional.I used to write movie reviews when the south Indian movie watching was still in its infancy, and getting a few hundred people to the theater was a big undertaking.There was no email internet and programmed advertising was not existent.Sticking posters, flyers and calling with some email was the only way to reach out to the audiences.We did write reviews right after the first show, and was never sure if the reviews were very effective, but clocking into 2017 the movies are promoted in every medium, reaching to every possible regional language.They are also shown in 100 of screens and in all markers where the target audience is.Digital copies are delivered on time (rather than massive 16 reels) and location doesn’t matter as digital copi…

Showers and Flowers

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The idiom “April showers bring May flowers”, although meaning that everything happens for a reason (circle of life).“Good” reason in true sense with the circle of life.The weather and its seasonality displays the utmost discipline to seasonal reasoning.If you live around the Chicago area, you will experience the glory of all four seasons; summer, fall, winter and spring.Year after year, the experience of each season, the dramatic changes to the landscape, people’s dress code. Different smells of each of the changing season every year, and the psychological impact on people in each season.

No one season makes everyone (anyone) happy.People always have the adage of; too cold, too hot, too windy, too muggy, too much rain, too much snow, and too much of something or the other with the weather.We seldom have the reference to a perfect day for everyone.Children have perfect days when on holidays and adults when simply lazing around.But the psychology o…


Vasu Reddy from Chicago

All democracies of the world are managing their budgets in the red (many public corporations are on this list except a very few exceptions) meaning that they are run on a fiscal deficit.This happens every year (year after year) for the USA government.The gap between revenues and outlays continues get big/ger (governments keep expanding the limits), the old debt and cost of servicing the debt gets larger, the combination of new debt and debt servicing increasing burdensome on the nation/s.

For those who really care about gap analysis, the rem is self-explanatory. some reason the democracies are not managed as we expect publicly traded companies, which should not only be socially responsible but also create profits for shareholder equity.Typically, democracies are being run to cater to vote banks and political ideology of the parties.
The obvious and politically much advertised revenue and spending GAP i…