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Reforming the Mind Set

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The day of reckoning is here for the Indian democracy to face the challenges of leadership and guiding the vast country’s population and its diverse needs.The transparent democracy that was destined when it achieved its independence from the UK simply has remained a paper democracy.
To start with the country’s initial leaders were part of achieving independence from the UK, and had tremendous acceptance for their contributions to achieve the country’s independence.They were freedom fighters and philosophers, and men and women with ideals for a independent India, but not administrators and politicians of experience to handle a vast nation with complex social structure, many language and traditional differences and demographically challenging population; all of which with many more complex issues to deal with, immediately following the pillaging of national resources by the occupying forces.
There was a lot of leverage for the initially elected lead…

Blockbusters without the Block

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Many of the previous movies are being made with the new generation of actors and some of them are bringing in audiences in great numbers to see the newer version of the great movies.At least for the first few days people are watching them; one for the curiosity factor of comparing the newer version to the original, and the newer generation of movie goers for the hype preceding the release of the movie, comparing the newer version with the older.

Having been avoiding the newer versions of the old blockbusters, recently I saw two of them, both of the movies of my favorite actor Amitabh Bachchan.I still remember seeing the movies of Mr. Bachchan as if it is this week and the experience of the entertainment still fresh in my mind.I purposefully have been avoiding watching the newer versions of the great entertainers of a generation or so ago after watching Sholay in its newer form.Such massacre of the entertainment is unparalleled, and absolutely no …

In Search of a Good Leader

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Time has come for India and Indians to look for a good leader who will lead the nation to greater heights to satisfy the populations demand for better everything in the country.From the village level to the metropolis, high raises to slums, from children to the very old, the educated to the rural folks, everyone is looking for a leader who will work on the people’s agenda rather than the master of the next scam.For a country of some 1.2 billion, we must have a few good leaders we can find, but for some reason the country is suffering from the lack of a strong and democratically ideological leader who is not involved in any scam, but just lead the country into the next cycle of prosperity.
If we simply add-up the losses incurred by the country because of mismanagement of its resources the country would have had enough resources to provide education, transportation, telecommunications, rural development, basic facilities for all people and enough m…

All Systems Needs Grease

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The latest CBI charges against Jagan and multitude of senior level officers in the AP government was expected.The pressure of politics adds to the charges that are superficial and mainly aimed at crippling the newly found vigor in campaign of a new party against the incumbent party, while the incumbent party is struggling with keeping the power.What is ironic of the latest CBI charges against Jagan are that the late YSR is being projected as the person behind siphoning resources to help fund his son’s businesses by providing benefits to companies that became investors in them.
The big issues with the current set of charges are multiple:
The person behind the accusations has been dead for some time – The gentleman has been dead, and when he died he was the king maker for congress.Unflinching in his attitude and policies that gave power to the party twice, while facing serious issues with regional issues within the state, he helped the party t retai…