Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blockbusters without the Block

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Many of the previous movies are being made with the new generation of actors and some of them are bringing in audiences in great numbers to see the newer version of the great movies.  At least for the first few days people are watching them; one for the curiosity factor of comparing the newer version to the original, and the newer generation of movie goers for the hype preceding the release of the movie, comparing the newer version with the older.

Having been avoiding the newer versions of the old blockbusters, recently I saw two of them, both of the movies of my favorite actor Amitabh Bachchan.   I still remember seeing the movies of Mr. Bachchan as if it is this week and the experience of the entertainment still fresh in my mind.  I purposefully have been avoiding watching the newer versions of the great entertainers of a generation or so ago after watching Sholay in its newer form.  Such massacre of the entertainment is unparalleled, and absolutely no regard for the intelligence of the audience.  Typically movies such as Devdas, are made and remade again and again, and also in multiple languages, and have been successfully adopted for the newer age versions.  Actually Devdas was adopted quite well and enacted quite well and was entertaining and also true to the original adaptation.

The movie going experience was one of fun and excitement in the days where movies were released with regular intervals, and the many stars delivered major movies with regularity.  Very few movies came out from major actors in all languages, that failed to enthrall the audiences, and when there was a bad movie people rejected it outright and immediately looked forward to the next one.  There was no DVD or Internet that immediately put the movie for viewers to see, and the audience was the sole judge of the movie’s box office performance.

Heroes delivered fantastic entertainment with movie after movie and directors and producers were involved in making movies with such alarming regularity, the quality of the movies was quite high in bringing people to see the movie again and again and ran for weeks and weeks.  Personally I used to see the same movie several times and still enjoy the experience of the joy of entertainment despite seeing the same again and again.

For a fact the actors delivered six or more movies every year despite their star status and character actors acted in many more movies, and were absolutely true to the director’s guidance.  Movies did not take years to make, and were completed quickly and on schedule, and within reasonable budgets.  When the big stars were involved typically the movies delivered to the expectations and the producers and distributors were rewarded accordingly.  Many directors were part of fifty or more movies, some more than a hundred, all the while delivering quality and profitable entertainment.

While there is no grouse against making a good product repeatedly, the value of the entertainment should be considered.  The grace of the heroines, the song and dance routines, the dialogues catered to each role, and the hero who carries of the role as prescribed were all part of great story and presentation in delivering movies.  If we tale today’s actors and try to duplicate the work of the yesteryear’s actors, and try to recreate the magic of the playback singers, writers and technicians with just a lot of money and publicity, it is not possible.

While today’s audience might see the movie for curiosity of the newer version, the makers are unable to capture the essence of the originals.  The actors want to hype the newer versions based on the success of the original versions, they don’t deliver the product that is original.  Most times it is not possible as the selection of characters suited the personality of the actors, and support characters.  We don’t have the larger than life actors who suit the roles played by the originals.

While there are quality movies made by today’s generations of movie makers, it is best we try to leave the yesteryear’s movies as they are, and enjoy them on DVD or cable.  The money and effort will be better spent on new products and new stories that can be told in today’s time.

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