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Return Of The New Year

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

2014 is just hours away, and another new year is almost here. Lots of excitement as it is at the time of the New Year, with everyone on holiday and in the mood for a reason for celebration. Chicago is going to be bitterly cold approaching 2014. Yesterday the Chicago Bears lost their final game of the regular season in the last minute (I was watching and it breaks your heart, just like many other seasons with the Bears), and the last remaining thing to cheer for the year, and first thing to cheer for the locals for the New Year is gone. Also, the Indians lost to South Africa in the last test match of the year, and they lost big. There will be expert commentary on the losses and the justification behind the massive losses by everyone their brothers. They just won't simply say the teams were up to no good, and they were just average and lost to much better teams. This is also quite a traditional happening in both Chicago and with the Ind…

Common Man's Agenda

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

With AAP (common man's party) accepting to form the government in Delhi, it is one more time displayed that common man believes that change can happen, and when promised to meet appropriate requirements of the population as a whole, the electorate is willing to give you a chance to deliver what you promised. The fascinating aspect of the election is that people did not reject the incumbent party completely, nor endorsed the new entrant AAP completely, while allowing the current opposition BJP also some room for being a player. At the end of the week, AAP is being allowed to form the government, despite not having the absolute majority required to form the government in Delhi on its own.

Congress is extending outside support to AAP to form the government. The conditions of the AAP to form a coalition government are well laid out, and look promising. Promising in the sense of achievable electoral objectives. While the party that was star…

Return To The Times Of Asoka

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Everyone in India remembers the times of Emperor Asoka. Such was his administrations focus on implementation of programs and development to take into the needs of his people, even today he is used as the guiding force to the urban and rural development, and education and transportation planning and whatever was necessary and needed and appropriate to cater to the needs of every man, woman and child in his kingdom.

At the bottom of this column, I have attached a column from for reference, which is a great adaptation of some of the centuries old governing tradition of Indian emperor Asoka the Great. This column is not an endorsement of a political party, rather a reflection of the great past of our great country, and its rulers. We have a number of wonderful dynasties that have ruled the greater Hindustan for centuries, with ideals and logic that can be very relevant in today's time. The reference to the Times of India colu…