Saturday, December 28, 2013

Common Man's Agenda

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

With AAP (common man's party) accepting to form the government in Delhi, it is one more time displayed that common man believes that change can happen, and when promised to meet appropriate requirements of the population as a whole, the electorate is willing to give you a chance to deliver what you promised. The fascinating aspect of the election is that people did not reject the incumbent party completely, nor endorsed the new entrant AAP completely, while allowing the current opposition BJP also some room for being a player. At the end of the week, AAP is being allowed to form the government, despite not having the absolute majority required to form the government in Delhi on its own.

Congress is extending outside support to AAP to form the government. The conditions of the AAP to form a coalition government are well laid out, and look promising. Promising in the sense of achievable electoral objectives. While the party that was started to fight corruption and the status quo, first is being forced to form the government in Delhi only with the help of INC, which has been the main focus of AAP in its campaign against corruption. As ironic as it might be, there is no other way to form a government in Delhi without the help of INC or BJP. BJP has taken the high road and has not offered to cater to the demands of AAP, and congress although has agreed to the rules of engagement to form the government, it has already started to back track on its offer to support without reservations.

It will be interesting to watch and wait to see if AAP will be allowed to from a government, and if it is allowed to form the government, how long will it survive. Will the congress party keep quiet and let the AAP execute to its poll promises? Many a questions will start to formulate for the public as this political drama unfolds.

While the intentions of Congress are not clear; weather they really are keen on supporting a new party to run a large metropolis; weather they don't want further humiliation of losing more if another election is help; weather they want to support now and back stab the AAP as soon the government is formed; or for whatever unknown reasons.

The ideology of the new party is obvious. The leaders are educated and articulate and also have a great understanding of the bureaucratic process of the government. While shunning the perks of the elected politicians, they also show the symbolism on simplicity; where as the risk of public exposure is also there if the newly elected officials don't want appropriate security. All said and done they seem to be struggling with what is a respectable representation of public interest, and what is that they have to do to get into power to start working on the agenda they laid out to the public before they got elected.

Once more in the large democracy with a billion requirements; the process of eradicating corruption is the main theme in getting a new party elected, and in this case offering to allow it to form the government. It is a wonderful step to achieve a people's agenda through elected politicians. All wonderful on print and paper and also on the internet. If and when the INC and BJP really allow the AAP to form the government in Delhi, all AAP has to do is stick to its agenda, and simply do it. It is hard to imagine that INC and BJP will simply sit back and allow AAP to do what it said to people, but if they try to put spokes into the process it is universally known that they will get thrown out of more seats and probably outside Delhi also with the next elections. If they simply allow AAP to perform to its electoral promises, they will have to hide go knows where.

India is a dirty place for politicians and politics. While we want AAP to keep up to its promises, all of them, we also know that the major political parties will not allow them to successfully implement the people benefiting schemes.

It is a great time for political observers to watch what will happen in Delhi. There is high drama, and great interest in the actions to follow. People simply hope that the party that will come into power will start to work on people's agenda. Jai Hind.

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