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Alternatives Are Hard To Find

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Political turmoil in democracies are common and to a certain point natural.People should be given the opportunity to elect who they feel best represent their interests and should always have a choice of majority vote in placing someone in power to handle both domestic and international affairs that best suits the needs of the country.Tracking the countries that are natural democracies and comparing them to dictatorial or communist countries clearly represent the value of elected democracies.
India except for a brief emergency rule, has had democratically elected government since its independence from Great Britain in 1947.The period of emergency was full of atrocities against people of a democratic country, and it saw power wrested from the government in the next general election.While it saw a credible opposition in the form of BJP established born out of the emergency in India, and some regional parties also establishing themselves as forces in…

Nation of Cricket

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

With all the scams and politics in the country people get a full dose of the escapades of the select few who engage in national scavenging.There is no end to the political power plays and financial plundering.One has to wonder if there were no kickbacks and scams what will be Indian infrastructure look like and if there would be a poverty line in India?
It is getting tiring to write about scams and politics, and there is no end to the new and improved scams and political games.For a while Anna was a hot topic with his proposals for ombudsman in India and that too fizzled out for the time being.Once again old and renewed political players come back, and this is like a cat has nine lives, as they keep coming back.There is not enough space to write about their escapades and continued support of their political aspirations.We have to find some way of finding things that are not political and not involve a scam, thus talk of the nation of Cricket that…

Rahul Dravid

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

His retirement was hardly unexpected, but brought our unanimous praise and applause on a career that was extraordinary.He had another gentleman of world cricket Anil Kumble at his side when he made his decision to retire public.There was no need for one last series or one last test, just done with an overseas tour that was ordinary for Rahul as a cricketer, and disastrous for the Indian cricket team.
He is 39 years old, young in years but in cricketing terms is not so young.Many of them retire in mid thirties, and very few go on as Rahul did over the years, and especially the statistics of the last few years belie that the age was a factor in his decision to quit all formats of professional cricket, barring IPL.
The retirement was not a surprise knowing the drive and dedication he has shown throughout his professional career, and continued stress on perfecting the art of batting, fielding, wicket keeping and also great dignity and respect for the …

Is there a Lack of New Leaders or Lack of Interest in Politics?

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Old wine in a new bottle saying doesn’t apply to the politicians of the world who seem to come back into the pictures despite the past election losses, or the ones in power seem to try hang onto their seats by any means they can.Democratic elections make no difference when a politician wants to win power back or come back into the lime light.
Elections get more expensive with every cycle and promises to the public become more extravagant to come back to power or retain power.The available funds for spending are always less than what is allocated and the allocated monies get diverted into scams.The cost of lections and getting reelected is in unstated amounts, but the politicians are willing to gamble the money to get back into power.The cost to get elected is typically coming from the public’s money in one form or the other, and each time the numbers being siphoned get to be greater and greater.
Every local, state and central politician is somehow…