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Vasu Reddy From Chicago

In nation where people are constantly looking for SOPs and have their hands out for government programs, it is difficult to find individuals who will offer a helping hand.It is true that India has plenty of great examples of men and women who have extended their life time to charity and wellbeing of the others, but as our population continues explode and our needs continue to multiply the demand for resources both natural and manmade are so great, it is impossible to extend a helping hand to everyone.Politicians promise the moon every election year and every word they utter prior to getting elected will be that they will provide everything to everybody at no cost.We, the people know that it is impossible to expect the government to do what they say, and we also know it is impossible to be able to afford the election promises.Yet, we will continue to hear the expansive promises and we vote with continued vigor every election cycle, and then we do…

Common Man

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

All men are common men.Using common man as a reference is an acronym used by politicians, while pointing to people that they are common.We are all common; men and women by birth, and will remain so throughout our life.Some of us will go on to do some extra ordinary things with our life and some of us might end up doing some uncommonly stupid things in our life.By and large the general population is simply that; common.We humans have set habits with life, work, family and our general disposition.

Politicians will classify us as different people to suit their purpose, and most times what they are actually pitching to a particular group of people.We, the people are quite gullible by listening to the rhetoric and the promises made by people who aspire to be our leaders, or continue to be our leaders. Us, the common folks have to vote to elect the folks who remind us and will keep reminding us that we are common men.This will never change as the polit…

Voter Independence

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India since its independence from the UK in 1947, has always been a young nation.The population well over a billion, the nation continues to be a very young nation.Today much of its population is the young voter base, and much of it is the internet and telecom generation.Indians by and large have adopted quite well to telecommunications; mobile, television and internet is a common practice with Indian life today.All but in less than a generation, but the country is well connected, and well organized with its connectivity.
The country also continues to be urbanized and youngsters going to school and getting educated, and also becoming mobile; not just with devices but also with employment and seeking opportunities. Education, jobs, work, opportunities, communications are reasons that drive the mobility of the population, and India has been quick to embrace the mobility aspect of life.Indians also enjoy the multilingual life that most populations d…

Comfort Zone

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The life in the Unites States is quite simple.You can find work doing just about any odd job and keep paying for what you need and you continue to work and live and work and live, and keep at it until you know what.Families, children, friends and relatives and lots of travel and everything many times over, and throw in a few trips to India, that’s all you have; Comfort zone.Life can be very simple if you keep it that way.

Many years go by, and you simply work, go home, work and go home, and once in a while travel around a bit, take a few pictures and make a few more friends, update Facebook or some kind of social platform, and get back to work again.There is no stopping this.You got to pay bills. You got to work.

Someone just asked; why do you have to do this? Why not go do this in your country?Aha.I thought why not? He did not have to ask me this question after all these years of American Dream.I had thought of it myself several times, and in fac…