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Magic Man

Vasu Reddy
Modi is in the United Sates as the head of the state. He has all the right words, moves and magic with him to deliver optimism and a promising future for all Indians, and also cater to the greater demands of the world from a country that has typically had little to say to the global community. Hindustan has always weaved magic on the world and its tales and history has always awed the globe. Our society, culture, traditions, history and geography needs no introduction to the global audience. Only after 1947, India continues to be a developing country, and it continues to be addressed as a developing country. But 2014 brings a new common man who is representing the country, and it is time for him to charm the globe with his words, deeds and also the simplicity in his messages. The future belongs to you, and you can make it beautiful and wonderful.
Modi's is on his first trip to the USA after getting elected as the PM, and also his first trip to USA a…

It Takes Money Vasu Reddy From Chicago
Several years ago Mrs. Clinton wrote a book; “It Takes a Village” and it was a wonderful and simple book that references to everyone in a small place need to get involved in raising children. It was a definitely a wonderful reflection of her thoughts on raising a child and the simple things that are needed to make it a wonderful beginning for children. For many people who come from India including myself, the idea of growing older is not simply going to school and studying and getting good grades and getting on a plane to go to some where far away and start working for a living. It is much more to it than just passing and going to work. The friends, relatives, brothers and sisters and parents, uncles and aunts, grand parents and many more loving and giving and caring folks all around you, that make it a childhood that you can never go back to and will never forget and also will always be the formation of your future, is all about the Indian …

Investment Bonanza

Vasu Reddy from Chicago
With every trip made and trip planned by Modi, the announcements for investments into India are made by the media, in a fashion that beats any game show winnings. Fifty billion by the Japanese, fifty billion by the Chinese, and great interest by the Australians, from Singapore and whatever names of countries that we can think of they are omitting investment into Modi's India and the news is constant about more and more dollars flowing into India. The latest word in the media is that half a Trillion dollars in investments will be announced by the USA businesses when Modi visits USA at the end of this month. Fantastic to hear and read about the investments that will be committed to India in the near future from the global industry and leaders in support of the current government in India, and its leader. No questioning on the ability of the Modi leadership and his personal discipline and charm in attracting commitments from the global and …

Time Is Now For Results

Vasu Reddy From Chicago
Although three to four months is not a great amount of time to turn a massive country with more than a billion people into a production and progressive powerhouse, the new Modi government has had enough time to start showing some results of the various and massive initiatives that has been announced and being advertised by the current Indian government.
First and foremost we certainly have a PM that leads the government and the country from ground level with his leadership, handwork and dedication. We certainly have someone as the country's leader who has country first “India First” agenda, and also a man without personal baggage that has plagued our democracy. He certainly works hard and pushes his agenda relentlessly in India and also as demonstrated outside of India. In his short tenure as the PM he has several master strokes including; cleanup Ganges, sanitation, BRICS Bank and several major initiatives that he has pushed prior to gett…

Workshop Vasu Reddy From Chicago
World is a workshop and we are always trying to figure out how to make things to simplify our day to day actions. All of us living things are constantly doing something to simply live and make life simpler by trying to simplify life itself. Beginning with the industrial revolution era, a workshop may be a room or building which provides both the area and tools that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Workshops were the only places of production until the advent of industrialization and the development of larger factories.
India and the rest of the world continues to be a workshop as the whole world continues to be interested in better and bigger things, and in ones life time the idea of bigger and better is constant. Some countries call themselves developed, some call themselves developing nations and some are simply under developed. Whatever the terminology for development in the world, each and everyone of t…