Monday, September 29, 2014

Magic Man

Vasu Reddy

Modi is in the United Sates as the head of the state. He has all the right words, moves and magic with him to deliver optimism and a promising future for all Indians, and also cater to the greater demands of the world from a country that has typically had little to say to the global community. Hindustan has always weaved magic on the world and its tales and history has always awed the globe. Our society, culture, traditions, history and geography needs no introduction to the global audience. Only after 1947, India continues to be a developing country, and it continues to be addressed as a developing country. But 2014 brings a new common man who is representing the country, and it is time for him to charm the globe with his words, deeds and also the simplicity in his messages. The future belongs to you, and you can make it beautiful and wonderful.

Modi's is on his first trip to the USA after getting elected as the PM, and also his first trip to USA after being rejected by the USA for more than a decade. He is all of a sudden in the league of his own, and all kinds of accolades and adjectives are added to his name and everyone wants to be associated with him. He in return wants people to work with India and Indians, and his entire focus seems on “With Everyone”. His words are simple and straightforward, and almost all the time well thought out. He really seems to have the understanding of the old five year plan which started with the first government of India after 1947.

He is always speaking freely, fluently and seemingly frankly. There is no hesitation in saying what he wants to and almost all the time the words are direct and precise. For a man who just took over the PM of the largest democracy, he is well prepared to meet the many challenges of the nation. It is the confidence of the person which is beginning to translate into the confidence of the nation. India all of a sudden has a man with a mission that will be magical for the country. Everyone is listening and thinking of what will be the future of the great nation in the next five years? Just imagine the plans he has laid out and the unblinking open arms he has for global audience, always placing India first.

Modi si fasting during navratri for nine days, and that too with most of those nine days taking up on the trip to the USA is something of great personal tolerance and integrity. It is true that many Indian women and men take up fasting as a way of devotion and cleaning of the body and mind during several of the religious festivals, during that period adhere to strict discipline, but they also remain quiet and peaceful, and pray and rest for the duration of the fast. Modi has gone the opposite direction with this year's navratri fast for nine days, he has picked the most grueling schedule for a man in his sixties with his trip to the USA. About half way through the fast, he seems to get more energized and more engaging, also an attribute of a man who is disciplined and organized. God bless him.

Modi is always prepared to speak, understand and address just about every issue for India. His public speeches are full of his experiences with traveling and visiting places around the world. All his acquaintances and friends constantly speak of his interest in understanding and appreciating the way of life where ever he visits, and asking questions and understanding the things that make life simple and manageable. His constant quest for quality of life for all Indians, is well documented and continues to show in his efforts to make small things that are important for all Indians in the focus of the nation and focus of the public.

Every word that comes from Modi will have India and Indians first. He never shies away from who he is and where he has come from, and has a constant library of stories on his many experiences in India and abroad for synchronizing today's event with something he will relate to from his experiences. There is not a whole of personal baggage he has and the anecdotes from Modi are always connecting with his audience. He speaks well in English, Hindi and Gujarati, and also makes an effort to find something to say in the local language of the audience he is addressing. He addresses his audiences as if speaking to every person in the audience, and always has a word of humor and an example of his own experiences he shares along with the occasion.

Words that are frank and free of rancor, and there is a sense of urgency in Modi's appeal to the audience. Always dressed impeccably, although in simple Indian attire, Modi never stops pitching for development and investment. He has to constantly seek help from his audience as there are more than a billion needy and they do need help now.

His magic is in his words and demeanor, and the constant display of confidence and control which becomes magical. Every time you see Modi speak or interact it is simple and straightforward. There is nothing but confidence that should be magic for all Indians. The new India's Magic Man. Jai Hind.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It Takes Money

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Several years ago Mrs. Clinton wrote a book; “It Takes a Village” and it was a wonderful and simple book that references to everyone in a small place need to get involved in raising children. It was a definitely a wonderful reflection of her thoughts on raising a child and the simple things that are needed to make it a wonderful beginning for children. For many people who come from India including myself, the idea of growing older is not simply going to school and studying and getting good grades and getting on a plane to go to some where far away and start working for a living. It is much more to it than just passing and going to work. The friends, relatives, brothers and sisters and parents, uncles and aunts, grand parents and many more loving and giving and caring folks all around you, that make it a childhood that you can never go back to and will never forget and also will always be the formation of your future, is all about the Indian life. Many of us have the experience of a village or a small town, where the whole place is your extended family.

Mrs. Clinton's book wonderfully captures the investment into each child by the family and extended family and friends in the formative years of a child, which ultimately leads to happy and productive childhood that leads to the same in adulthood.

Our current prime minister of India has voiced many plans for all Indians, and specially his much commonly used word of development for all Indians is sort of over used in his first few months in his office. His ministers and staff constantly use the word development, it has no real significance to someone listening to the all ready elected politicians. It takes money for doing things and if doing things is development, then India needs a lot of money.
We really need a lot of money from every source we can get to get started on the massive agenda laid out by Modi to bring all Indians on the path of development. Although noble and forward looking, the money matters play the most important role in development.

Modi is a master salesman and not just the CEO. He has been able to get his Asian partners lineup and now he is embarking on the United States for help with Indian development. Although he uses the word development, he is also an expert in getting things done. The gentleman is simple, direct and has no issues in asking for help, while always having India first on his agenda. It is a foregone conclusion that USA will embrace him and the industries and investors will more than agree to his plans for India's development. There will be no question on his public and private pitching 24/7/365 for all of India, and there is no doubt that those who he is pitching to will embrace his plans. India for a change has someone who is putting India and Indians first.

His initiates with the Japanese and Chinese and his interactions with the neighbors, and his messages and actions within the country all along with a public display of actions and also follow-up are all good beginnings for the nation. Modi and his life style of simplicity continues to draw the nation to his very move. So, far his every move has been keenly watched and followed, and so far all good.

This PM does have an advantage as the money that is being invested will go into investment into the country. If all the money that is put into Indian economy really goes into the economy then there will be no looking back for the country. If we go back into the last few years of scams and looting, the money will have been more than adequate for making the country self sufficient. Modi if nothing has the reputation of making sure people are not squandering money and also not lining their pockets. So, India should look forward to a much more rapid pace in country becoming self sufficient and more productive.

It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us is a book published in 1996 by First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton

Monday, September 15, 2014

Investment Bonanza

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

With every trip made and trip planned by Modi, the announcements for investments into India are made by the media, in a fashion that beats any game show winnings. Fifty billion by the Japanese, fifty billion by the Chinese, and great interest by the Australians, from Singapore and whatever names of countries that we can think of they are omitting investment into Modi's India and the news is constant about more and more dollars flowing into India. The latest word in the media is that half a Trillion dollars in investments will be announced by the USA businesses when Modi visits USA at the end of this month. Fantastic to hear and read about the investments that will be committed to India in the near future from the global industry and leaders in support of the current government in India, and its leader. No questioning on the ability of the Modi leadership and his personal discipline and charm in attracting commitments from the global and regional nations to support his agenda for India. India has not experienced such positive euphoria since its independence with just about everyone wanting to put money in India and its new development plans under Modi. In just a few months into office the new government has started off well with inviting and enticing the money men of the world to come and participate in the current Indian growth plan.

India certainly needs partners to continue to develop its infrastructure, resource management and industry, while exporting its human resources and intelligence. If the other countries are committing to a trillion dollars in investment over a five year period (assuming that the investments are committed for the term of the government; five year term), this is a massive influx of money to build, develop and manage the many needs of the country. Water, transport, power, roads and buildings and all other infrastructure can certainly be upgraded to meet the needs of generations to come with a trillion dollars, and India can also give back world class resources back to the world. Ignoring my Utopian dream for the country, the basics of life can be addressed with appropriate investment into the general life and education, which in turn will focus the people on learning, will only allow the country to be in peace and prosperity, along with clean environment. The massive investment leads to jobs, security and a productive country which will have forward looking agenda. This also builds national unity, grace and self-respect. Even a portion of these announced investments will be a massive influx of national building for the country, which is eager to work hard to build a better India.

One man driving the country's agenda with his group of ministers and their respective ministries and so much emphasis on investment and development is almost magical for a country so full of hope and looking for ways to get better and live better. The opportunity is always there in India, and we simply needed someone to drive the nations agenda and not a personal agenda. Modi is just the man with India first agenda, and so far in the short time he has been in office has shown that he really puts India first and nothing else. He really represents a simple Indian man, with his leadership focused on Indians. While the global euphoria on Modi's leadership, management and initiatives, its a great time to be an Indian and in India. The country looking forward to what is being planned and what is being said is nothing but incredible and no time in India, since 1947 the conditions for optimism has been so great. Its a fantastic plan, driven by one hard driving and simple Indian man. Modi represents the old style business development managers, who simply did not know what presented them in the markets, but simply went out and made the best out of every opportunity that presents them, and will keep working at each open opportunity until it turns into a venture.

Now we will only look for how many of these commitments will come to fruition and how much will India will do to quickly make use of the resources being presented to them to the country's needs and advantage. The current government clearly will have to stay away from the abuses of the past and will have to invest in the country. There is no turning back or looking back for India as long as the commitments are turned into investments and making sure that they are 100% invested. Modi and his agenda will forever be remembered in the democratic world for its hands on approach to seeking help and delivering to the nation.  

Monday, September 08, 2014

Time Is Now For Results

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Although three to four months is not a great amount of time to turn a massive country with more than a billion people into a production and progressive powerhouse, the new Modi government has had enough time to start showing some results of the various and massive initiatives that has been announced and being advertised by the current Indian government.

First and foremost we certainly have a PM that leads the government and the country from ground level with his leadership, handwork and dedication. We certainly have someone as the country's leader who has country first “India First” agenda, and also a man without personal baggage that has plagued our democracy. He certainly works hard and pushes his agenda relentlessly in India and also as demonstrated outside of India. In his short tenure as the PM he has several master strokes including; cleanup Ganges, sanitation, BRICS Bank and several major initiatives that he has pushed prior to getting elected and since getting elected made sure that he pushes them and gets them tabled. It is also inspiring to see a man get to the office on time and works late, there by pushing the entire government to follow suit. Grated he lives alone and is a vegetarian and has no monetary interests; it is given he has all the time and his personal inclination to work for the country and his countrymen.

The communication skills and his simple and open life style is also very endearing to the people who watch him without politics in context. One of the most endearing moments that put a personal touch to him is him playing the drums in Japan with the others, without rehearsing, and playing them well was a wonderful and human touch to the man with a billion issues to deal with. Modi is well mannered and well dressed and well planned; all the time. His public and personal persona seem to intermingle and seem to be one and the same. More importantly he constantly pushes his cabinet and the government to be transparent and aggressive in pushing the party's poll promises. All are very commendable and worthwhile initiatives.

While watching him in action, and also becoming a keen follower of what is happening in India (specially since the election of Modi as the prime minister and my many friends from Gujarat touting their State and its development under the Modi government), the initiatives are really admirable. While we follow his every tweet and every update and every move, we also want to ask the same question that the supreme court asked “what is the time frame on starting and finishing”. It is a question for all billion Indians and not just the supreme court.

The two quotes that came to mind are”

Don't mistake activity with achievement.” - John Wooden
Don’t Confuse Activity With Result” - Brad Abrams

The country has a leader with a driven agenda and his agenda is only the country and its needs. That's a great start for the people as he will focus his undivided attention to the needs of the people. His government is driven by his agenda and energy and continues to announce to their poll promises and programs that are of massive importance to the country. It is time for implementation and results of the announced programs.

As this prime minister is constantly in touch with people through social media, it is be a wise decision to put all his announced programs on line along with their objectives, including the milestones, time table, investments and who does what. It is simply the ole who, what, where, when and why for each of these massive undertakings by the government. If Modi wants a transparent and responsible government, he should also make his government demonstrate that they are doing what he is saying and doing it right, and are not afraid of public scrutiny that comes with the WWW. If the PM is taking time to tell us that he is announcing a new program, and participating in an event, enjoying the company of other heads of states, paying tributes to Indian heroes, and displaying his management and personal skills on a regular basis, his government should also put the details of how they are managing and conducting his initiatives. Then only we can really appreciate his vision becoming a reality, while we watch it.

Monday, September 01, 2014


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

World is a workshop and we are always trying to figure out how to make things to simplify our day to day actions. All of us living things are constantly doing something to simply live and make life simpler by trying to simplify life itself. Beginning with the industrial revolution era, a workshop may be a room or building which provides both the area and tools that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Workshops were the only places of production until the advent of industrialization and the development of larger factories.

India and the rest of the world continues to be a workshop as the whole world continues to be interested in better and bigger things, and in ones life time the idea of bigger and better is constant. Some countries call themselves developed, some call themselves developing nations and some are simply under developed. Whatever the terminology for development in the world, each and everyone of them are seeking a workshop on bigger and better in all aspects of materiel things and mind. The whole world is working on development and development, and as change is constant so is development.

Ask anyone in the world they have plans on doing something or making something, outside of what they already do. Me, I always wanted to be a farmer, and I still want to be a farmer. I don't know how and when I will be a farmer, but I constantly think and plan being a farmer. Don't ask how, don't know when, have no idea what implies farming in the USA, but still want to be a farmer. The key word is want to be a farmer. Along with me rest of the world has plans for working on something, as we have to plan and plan and continue to plan, as the world itself is a massive workshop ready for us, and all we have to do is get started working.

Children even before they can read or write will tell you what they aspire to be when they grow up. This is typically inspired by the parents and or adults around them prompting to think of being a so and so, and wanting to do so and so; and as they grow older they certainly look up to someone and start thinking of becoming just like that someone. Life it self will start to plan and deploy what we will be doing and how our work life will shape up for the rest of our life, and nothing will change the wisdom of fate. All said and done we will still continue to aspire to do something that we have always thought of, and just thinking of doing something we have dreams of will make us plan, think, and even enjoy the thoughts of just being able to think of doing just what we wanted to all our life. Life as it is predictable for whatever it is, simply drives the time as it so chooses and allowing very few of us to really do what we want to do. This has nothing to do with money or time or opportunity, it simply is what it is, and it is circumstance rather than resources.

India as well as other nations which aspire for better conditions, simply compare themselves to others and derive their planning on development based on someone else displaying their way or life. It is not saying planned and clean living is nothing to learn from, but the people of each country can make their our environment to best suit to their needs and not reflect on any other nation to copy from. We can all have the same aspirations in life, education and environment; all of which simply leads to self help which is the best kind of help.

For ages and ages people have traveled and imparted their wisdom, expertise and enterprise to others across the globe, and when appropriate and convenient they also took advantage of the people of the new world they visited to best suit their purposes. When there were no communications except by word of mouth or pony express the world did not learn of the rest of the world quickly. Today we don't need to wait as the news and word is instant, and everyone knows what is going on everywhere. Our world is a massive work shop with the tool kit/kits to allow us to plan, produce and execute to the resources and environment we live in, and also to best suit to our needs. We already have the place and tools, all we have to do is figure out what best serves our needs and execute to those needs. No one is smarter, no one is better, no one is greater, it is all of us who have the workshop, and the tools and the needs, and we should make the best use of the opportunity to best meet our needs.

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