Monday, September 08, 2014

Time Is Now For Results

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Although three to four months is not a great amount of time to turn a massive country with more than a billion people into a production and progressive powerhouse, the new Modi government has had enough time to start showing some results of the various and massive initiatives that has been announced and being advertised by the current Indian government.

First and foremost we certainly have a PM that leads the government and the country from ground level with his leadership, handwork and dedication. We certainly have someone as the country's leader who has country first “India First” agenda, and also a man without personal baggage that has plagued our democracy. He certainly works hard and pushes his agenda relentlessly in India and also as demonstrated outside of India. In his short tenure as the PM he has several master strokes including; cleanup Ganges, sanitation, BRICS Bank and several major initiatives that he has pushed prior to getting elected and since getting elected made sure that he pushes them and gets them tabled. It is also inspiring to see a man get to the office on time and works late, there by pushing the entire government to follow suit. Grated he lives alone and is a vegetarian and has no monetary interests; it is given he has all the time and his personal inclination to work for the country and his countrymen.

The communication skills and his simple and open life style is also very endearing to the people who watch him without politics in context. One of the most endearing moments that put a personal touch to him is him playing the drums in Japan with the others, without rehearsing, and playing them well was a wonderful and human touch to the man with a billion issues to deal with. Modi is well mannered and well dressed and well planned; all the time. His public and personal persona seem to intermingle and seem to be one and the same. More importantly he constantly pushes his cabinet and the government to be transparent and aggressive in pushing the party's poll promises. All are very commendable and worthwhile initiatives.

While watching him in action, and also becoming a keen follower of what is happening in India (specially since the election of Modi as the prime minister and my many friends from Gujarat touting their State and its development under the Modi government), the initiatives are really admirable. While we follow his every tweet and every update and every move, we also want to ask the same question that the supreme court asked “what is the time frame on starting and finishing”. It is a question for all billion Indians and not just the supreme court.

The two quotes that came to mind are”

Don't mistake activity with achievement.” - John Wooden
Don’t Confuse Activity With Result” - Brad Abrams

The country has a leader with a driven agenda and his agenda is only the country and its needs. That's a great start for the people as he will focus his undivided attention to the needs of the people. His government is driven by his agenda and energy and continues to announce to their poll promises and programs that are of massive importance to the country. It is time for implementation and results of the announced programs.

As this prime minister is constantly in touch with people through social media, it is be a wise decision to put all his announced programs on line along with their objectives, including the milestones, time table, investments and who does what. It is simply the ole who, what, where, when and why for each of these massive undertakings by the government. If Modi wants a transparent and responsible government, he should also make his government demonstrate that they are doing what he is saying and doing it right, and are not afraid of public scrutiny that comes with the WWW. If the PM is taking time to tell us that he is announcing a new program, and participating in an event, enjoying the company of other heads of states, paying tributes to Indian heroes, and displaying his management and personal skills on a regular basis, his government should also put the details of how they are managing and conducting his initiatives. Then only we can really appreciate his vision becoming a reality, while we watch it.

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