Monday, September 15, 2014

Investment Bonanza

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

With every trip made and trip planned by Modi, the announcements for investments into India are made by the media, in a fashion that beats any game show winnings. Fifty billion by the Japanese, fifty billion by the Chinese, and great interest by the Australians, from Singapore and whatever names of countries that we can think of they are omitting investment into Modi's India and the news is constant about more and more dollars flowing into India. The latest word in the media is that half a Trillion dollars in investments will be announced by the USA businesses when Modi visits USA at the end of this month. Fantastic to hear and read about the investments that will be committed to India in the near future from the global industry and leaders in support of the current government in India, and its leader. No questioning on the ability of the Modi leadership and his personal discipline and charm in attracting commitments from the global and regional nations to support his agenda for India. India has not experienced such positive euphoria since its independence with just about everyone wanting to put money in India and its new development plans under Modi. In just a few months into office the new government has started off well with inviting and enticing the money men of the world to come and participate in the current Indian growth plan.

India certainly needs partners to continue to develop its infrastructure, resource management and industry, while exporting its human resources and intelligence. If the other countries are committing to a trillion dollars in investment over a five year period (assuming that the investments are committed for the term of the government; five year term), this is a massive influx of money to build, develop and manage the many needs of the country. Water, transport, power, roads and buildings and all other infrastructure can certainly be upgraded to meet the needs of generations to come with a trillion dollars, and India can also give back world class resources back to the world. Ignoring my Utopian dream for the country, the basics of life can be addressed with appropriate investment into the general life and education, which in turn will focus the people on learning, will only allow the country to be in peace and prosperity, along with clean environment. The massive investment leads to jobs, security and a productive country which will have forward looking agenda. This also builds national unity, grace and self-respect. Even a portion of these announced investments will be a massive influx of national building for the country, which is eager to work hard to build a better India.

One man driving the country's agenda with his group of ministers and their respective ministries and so much emphasis on investment and development is almost magical for a country so full of hope and looking for ways to get better and live better. The opportunity is always there in India, and we simply needed someone to drive the nations agenda and not a personal agenda. Modi is just the man with India first agenda, and so far in the short time he has been in office has shown that he really puts India first and nothing else. He really represents a simple Indian man, with his leadership focused on Indians. While the global euphoria on Modi's leadership, management and initiatives, its a great time to be an Indian and in India. The country looking forward to what is being planned and what is being said is nothing but incredible and no time in India, since 1947 the conditions for optimism has been so great. Its a fantastic plan, driven by one hard driving and simple Indian man. Modi represents the old style business development managers, who simply did not know what presented them in the markets, but simply went out and made the best out of every opportunity that presents them, and will keep working at each open opportunity until it turns into a venture.

Now we will only look for how many of these commitments will come to fruition and how much will India will do to quickly make use of the resources being presented to them to the country's needs and advantage. The current government clearly will have to stay away from the abuses of the past and will have to invest in the country. There is no turning back or looking back for India as long as the commitments are turned into investments and making sure that they are 100% invested. Modi and his agenda will forever be remembered in the democratic world for its hands on approach to seeking help and delivering to the nation.  

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