Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It Takes Money

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Several years ago Mrs. Clinton wrote a book; “It Takes a Village” and it was a wonderful and simple book that references to everyone in a small place need to get involved in raising children. It was a definitely a wonderful reflection of her thoughts on raising a child and the simple things that are needed to make it a wonderful beginning for children. For many people who come from India including myself, the idea of growing older is not simply going to school and studying and getting good grades and getting on a plane to go to some where far away and start working for a living. It is much more to it than just passing and going to work. The friends, relatives, brothers and sisters and parents, uncles and aunts, grand parents and many more loving and giving and caring folks all around you, that make it a childhood that you can never go back to and will never forget and also will always be the formation of your future, is all about the Indian life. Many of us have the experience of a village or a small town, where the whole place is your extended family.

Mrs. Clinton's book wonderfully captures the investment into each child by the family and extended family and friends in the formative years of a child, which ultimately leads to happy and productive childhood that leads to the same in adulthood.

Our current prime minister of India has voiced many plans for all Indians, and specially his much commonly used word of development for all Indians is sort of over used in his first few months in his office. His ministers and staff constantly use the word development, it has no real significance to someone listening to the all ready elected politicians. It takes money for doing things and if doing things is development, then India needs a lot of money.
We really need a lot of money from every source we can get to get started on the massive agenda laid out by Modi to bring all Indians on the path of development. Although noble and forward looking, the money matters play the most important role in development.

Modi is a master salesman and not just the CEO. He has been able to get his Asian partners lineup and now he is embarking on the United States for help with Indian development. Although he uses the word development, he is also an expert in getting things done. The gentleman is simple, direct and has no issues in asking for help, while always having India first on his agenda. It is a foregone conclusion that USA will embrace him and the industries and investors will more than agree to his plans for India's development. There will be no question on his public and private pitching 24/7/365 for all of India, and there is no doubt that those who he is pitching to will embrace his plans. India for a change has someone who is putting India and Indians first.

His initiates with the Japanese and Chinese and his interactions with the neighbors, and his messages and actions within the country all along with a public display of actions and also follow-up are all good beginnings for the nation. Modi and his life style of simplicity continues to draw the nation to his very move. So, far his every move has been keenly watched and followed, and so far all good.

This PM does have an advantage as the money that is being invested will go into investment into the country. If all the money that is put into Indian economy really goes into the economy then there will be no looking back for the country. If we go back into the last few years of scams and looting, the money will have been more than adequate for making the country self sufficient. Modi if nothing has the reputation of making sure people are not squandering money and also not lining their pockets. So, India should look forward to a much more rapid pace in country becoming self sufficient and more productive.

It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us is a book published in 1996 by First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton

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