Monday, September 29, 2014

Magic Man

Vasu Reddy

Modi is in the United Sates as the head of the state. He has all the right words, moves and magic with him to deliver optimism and a promising future for all Indians, and also cater to the greater demands of the world from a country that has typically had little to say to the global community. Hindustan has always weaved magic on the world and its tales and history has always awed the globe. Our society, culture, traditions, history and geography needs no introduction to the global audience. Only after 1947, India continues to be a developing country, and it continues to be addressed as a developing country. But 2014 brings a new common man who is representing the country, and it is time for him to charm the globe with his words, deeds and also the simplicity in his messages. The future belongs to you, and you can make it beautiful and wonderful.

Modi's is on his first trip to the USA after getting elected as the PM, and also his first trip to USA after being rejected by the USA for more than a decade. He is all of a sudden in the league of his own, and all kinds of accolades and adjectives are added to his name and everyone wants to be associated with him. He in return wants people to work with India and Indians, and his entire focus seems on “With Everyone”. His words are simple and straightforward, and almost all the time well thought out. He really seems to have the understanding of the old five year plan which started with the first government of India after 1947.

He is always speaking freely, fluently and seemingly frankly. There is no hesitation in saying what he wants to and almost all the time the words are direct and precise. For a man who just took over the PM of the largest democracy, he is well prepared to meet the many challenges of the nation. It is the confidence of the person which is beginning to translate into the confidence of the nation. India all of a sudden has a man with a mission that will be magical for the country. Everyone is listening and thinking of what will be the future of the great nation in the next five years? Just imagine the plans he has laid out and the unblinking open arms he has for global audience, always placing India first.

Modi si fasting during navratri for nine days, and that too with most of those nine days taking up on the trip to the USA is something of great personal tolerance and integrity. It is true that many Indian women and men take up fasting as a way of devotion and cleaning of the body and mind during several of the religious festivals, during that period adhere to strict discipline, but they also remain quiet and peaceful, and pray and rest for the duration of the fast. Modi has gone the opposite direction with this year's navratri fast for nine days, he has picked the most grueling schedule for a man in his sixties with his trip to the USA. About half way through the fast, he seems to get more energized and more engaging, also an attribute of a man who is disciplined and organized. God bless him.

Modi is always prepared to speak, understand and address just about every issue for India. His public speeches are full of his experiences with traveling and visiting places around the world. All his acquaintances and friends constantly speak of his interest in understanding and appreciating the way of life where ever he visits, and asking questions and understanding the things that make life simple and manageable. His constant quest for quality of life for all Indians, is well documented and continues to show in his efforts to make small things that are important for all Indians in the focus of the nation and focus of the public.

Every word that comes from Modi will have India and Indians first. He never shies away from who he is and where he has come from, and has a constant library of stories on his many experiences in India and abroad for synchronizing today's event with something he will relate to from his experiences. There is not a whole of personal baggage he has and the anecdotes from Modi are always connecting with his audience. He speaks well in English, Hindi and Gujarati, and also makes an effort to find something to say in the local language of the audience he is addressing. He addresses his audiences as if speaking to every person in the audience, and always has a word of humor and an example of his own experiences he shares along with the occasion.

Words that are frank and free of rancor, and there is a sense of urgency in Modi's appeal to the audience. Always dressed impeccably, although in simple Indian attire, Modi never stops pitching for development and investment. He has to constantly seek help from his audience as there are more than a billion needy and they do need help now.

His magic is in his words and demeanor, and the constant display of confidence and control which becomes magical. Every time you see Modi speak or interact it is simple and straightforward. There is nothing but confidence that should be magic for all Indians. The new India's Magic Man. Jai Hind.

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