Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Comfort Zone

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The life in the Unites States is quite simple.  You can find work doing just about any odd job and keep paying for what you need and you continue to work and live and work and live, and keep at it until you know what.  Families, children, friends and relatives and lots of travel and everything many times over, and throw in a few trips to India, that’s all you have; Comfort zone.  Life can be very simple if you keep it that way.

Many years go by, and you simply work, go home, work and go home, and once in a while travel around a bit, take a few pictures and make a few more friends, update Facebook or some kind of social platform, and get back to work again.  There is no stopping this.  You got to pay bills. You got to work.

Someone just asked; why do you have to do this? Why not go do this in your country?  Aha.  I thought why not?  He did not have to ask me this question after all these years of American Dream.  I had thought of it myself several times, and in fact tried the American Indian dream a couple of times.  Did not succeed with the enterprise and work, and had to simply cut short the American Indian dream, and then restart the work, and work and work routine again.  It could have saved the American dream the first time by simply retiring young and just hanging around.  Did not learn once or twice, so had to start again and again on the American Indian dream again. Work and work and routine again.

A whole of changes to India and a whole lot of changes to America, but the dreams remain the same. New politics, new leaders, new industries, and just about everything new including people, but our dreams remain the same.  Our aspiration for a better life and comfort zone.  Life and people continue to aspire for better and better and just about all of us try very hard to find the comfort of what we need.

Thinking about the question of going back to India is always in the back of one’s mind. Everyone who relocates or migrates starts out with simple plans, find a better opportunity and make something out of it, and then get back home.  Me too.  Same old Plans.  Only human to think of home as where you come from, and always where your heart is.  Just about everyone tries to find ways to get back home, one way or the other.  Many of us try hard to find way to keep connecting with home and try hard to do something worthwhile to be a part of what is happening at home.

One thing that keeps happening is home really doesn’t remain what you left first.  It keeps changing with people, new people, things and stuff around your people and home and it constantly changes to become something that is not really what you left as home.  It has to change as it is constant and continuous. When you are gone for even a few month’s changes happen, and most times these changes don’t include the people who are not there.  Whosoever is there simply go on about their business of life, just as you do in where ever you are living. That’s what the comfort zone is, and you simply get used to where you are.  It becomes your home and that’s where you belong.

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