Monday, March 14, 2016

Romancing the Internet

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

A lifelong habit of reading everything that was available was a practice long before the Internet became a staple in my daily routine.  No matter what the day brings, reading was something that kept the mind occupied and at most times current.  Reading about whatever was available on earth (sometimes in multiple languages) stating from Shakespeare to now a days Wikipedia, reading is still as exciting as it was in grade school.

The internet allows for more updating on just about everything on a real time basis, and also allows for anytime and anywhere reading.  The age old habit of purchasing (sometimes subscribing) to magazines and newspapers are now done thru investing in a single internet connection.

Beginning to write on romancing the internet, whatever the cost of internet access while at home or on a mobile device (and specially its convenience and availability), by far is factional comparing to the cost of buying newspapers, books, mail, movies (although a bit old), communications including Skype, Facebook, Facetime, Linkedin, Instagram, and many variations of messaging and communications platforms, and in many countries in local dialect and languages (sometimes with translators) all are available for a single fee of connecting to the internet.  How can we not romance the internet?

The value of connectivity is really invaluable as the www is available to just about everyone in the world.  It’s a web that is inclusive and expansive.  Whatever the cost in any location, it more than makes up for the multitude of media people invested daily by combining communications, news, research and updates (instantly) all into one www.

Internet is one medium that keeps one engaged 24/7, just like the romance of the yester years.  As the old romance goes, internet keeps you engaged and interested anytime of the day every day, work, leisure or just slumming, there is no limit or end to where the www leads you to.

While the fundamentals of www are of great value to the world, we do have fundamentalists who use the same medium as a recruitment tool, and hackers working tirelessly to steal and morph and make merry with their deeds on the internet.  But there is always a way to avoid getting pulled into any web, just like driving, by following the rules, there risk to abuse on www is also limited.  As in driving, minding ones business and following the rules keeps one safe, and same apples to using the www.

The benefits of the www by far outweigh the disruptive influences.  As old as the human race is, the good and bad are always parallel tracks, and there is enough checks and balances to avoid what one chooses to keep away.

While the single medium allowing for communications, the internet is constantly expanding in scope and opportunity.  One place where finding whatever you are looking for, with a few simple key strokes.  What once was a many faceted medium is in one www today, and continues to expand the capabilities of people to learn, share, educate, enjoy and most of all connect with each other.  The future is endless in its spectrum of possibilities and opportunities, with a few distractions and abuses along the way.

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