Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Flight 370

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

It has been 11 days today and still there is no sign of the missing Malaysian Flight 370 with a total of 239 people (12 crew and 227 passengers) along with it. As incredible as it sounds and in today's world, the governments of Malaysia and all other nations that are involved in searching for the missing plane have no clue of where it is, let alone what has happened to the big machine with lots of people from at least 15 countries in it. From the time 370 went missing there have been a lot of speculation on who, what, when, where and why with the Boeing 777.

The world has thousands of pieces of spy equipment in, around and over the earth, and we still have no clue on what happened to this plane. Isn't this incredible or what? We live in the world where even when someone farts, Google will find the exact location and time and pinpoint the coordinates to the nth degree, with probably a clear picture of the person and put it on the internet for everyone to enjoy the spectacle. In every place where ever you don't want people to spy on you or pry into your private space, you have your backside appearing on face book or somewhere else for the world to enjoy your private moments, and we have nations fighting with each other on spying on each other, and guys in foreign embassy’s for a long time claiming political and diplomatic immunity for seating secrets and sharing them with the WWW. All this intelligence and cameras all around the world and up in the sky and we still don't know where this big jet is.

It is very likely that the countries with eye in the sky might not want to reveal the whereabouts of the big plane, just to make sure that eye spy in the sky is not revealed to the rest of the world. It is also very likely that people with the knowledge of the disappearance of the jet might want to be quiet to avoid getting entangled in the mess of international tracking of why and how they pulled off such a blatant and dastardly act. If anyone knows about the plot behind this modern day conspiracy conducted in such secrecy, they will want to remain incognito to just save themselves with global persecution.

All said and done on keeping things under wraps and avoiding persecution, there has to be a reason for taking a big plane away from the sky and driving it down to ground/sea or to an undisclosed location; must have a purpose. What is that purpose and how will the world know about why did so many people on the plane, who have nothing to do with the agenda of the disappearance of the plane; either were subjected to their untimely whatever has happened to them? It is certain that the direction of the plane was deliberate and planned, and at this time no one is willing to come forward to tell the world why?

Several things should concern the global population on how this is playing out. The ability of a person or a small group of people to simply take over a large plane midair and simply make it disappear without a trace is incomprehensible. Allowing airlines to choose to either install or not install tracking equipment on large jets in this day and age is simply defying logic. With so many satellites both commercial and spy; looking down on us but no one is saying what happened to this big jet is simply mind blowing. All these things add to only one thing; man claims too many tall things, but simply is incapable of accomplishing simple things such as coordination and cooperation. With so many people from so many countries missing, and a mega million dollar jet evaporated into thin air, we still don't want to use the resources we have to the best possible way to find the plane, but we still have been using resources into the second week by pointing them in multiple directions. We as humans continue to fail ourselves. It is sad, but true for all of humanity that it is not just the 237 people on the plane but all of the billions of the rest of the world should be shamed to look at the news and feel sad about the incompetence of the so called WWW and connected earth with a whole lot of crap up there in the sky. May be we should simply go back to the stone age where travel was by foot or horse, and very little money was wasted on fancy transportation and telecommunications.

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