Monday, April 20, 2015

India’s Heroes

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

India has a lot of men and women who gave their entire life and sometimes life until their death to the cause of India’s independence.  Hundreds of thousands sacrificed their entire life to get the British out of Hindustan.  While Gandhi and Nehru represented India globally along with a few others who became the political mainstream of India post its independence.  The list of freedom fighters who gave their life fighting the oppression and occupation is so long and so distinguished that if is disrespectful to all of us and to their memory not to think of every one of them.  There is no better cause they fought for and no way to repay their contributions except we think well of them.  We pay our respect just remembering them.

Bhagat Singh, even today brings pride to all Indian hearts.  Sardar Patel the Iron Man even today remembered for his deft politics and policies.  Alluri Sita Rama Raju is still remembered for his fearlessness in facing the occupying forces.  Netaji continues to be a legend with his deeds to all Indians.  The list of each of our heroes is endless as the occupation was long suffering for a vast and greater India.

A fairly large volume of publishing are available from many renowned writers on our heroes and heroines of the modern India.  Many of our freedom fighters before and after 1947 wrote personal memoirs and some even went on to write a great deal about their life and times.  All these are great reminders for generations of people who followed the great souls and their sacrifice leading to the independence that we enjoy today.  These works remind us of the great sacrifices and will always be fresh in our minds of their service and sacrifice.

Many of our independence fighters wrote their own memories, biographies and a great many books imparting their wisdom to the rest of the world.  Also a great deal has been written and continued to be written about these martyrs.  We continue to write about them; eulogizing, analyzing, recreating, explaining and taking a look at their life and times again and again.  There is continued appreciation for the independence moment and the participants of the movement, and the stories of great sacrifice and great courage and conviction keep being told.  The time it was is continued to be told to the generations that have followed the nation after the independence.

For the citizens who are enjoying the independence (the largest functioning democracy in the world) today the stories of our heroes will always be alluring, intriguing and fascinating.  While we live in the age of instant news, TV, radio, internet and instant messaging; we take it for granted that we will know and find out about all that is happening around us and around the world.  We are literally force fed the information from around the world; the good, the bad and a lot of ugly stuff.  We probably forget almost all of it as quickly as we hear it.  We have access to information from across the globe on a 24/7/365 basis.  There is absolutely nothing secret anymore.  Someone is watching, recording and almost instantly publishing the information for everyone to see and read.  Most times it’s fleeting but it’s out there for everyone to see.

The generations of freedom fighters did not enjoy the instant reach we have today with communications.  Often they had to write and send messages, and in many instances hand written or typed that were sent to each other.  Some of them have survived the many years after the fact show us that the effort they put into communicate and transmit simple information.  For us to look at these messages today and imagine the thought process of each of these documents is to read into their mind of our heroes.  We probably are seeing only a fraction of these messages and correspondence that survived the ravages of war and time, and the time since their actual being.

To think of the revolution today, that was played out by the heroes of 1900’s would be unimaginable.  Today even a very simple message can be sent out to billions of people in an instant.  The responses are almost as instant.  We live in a different time and different place than in the 1900’s.  We let our hero’s life and times be as is and only try to reflect on their courage and sacrifice that lead us to where we are today.  They lived in a different time.  They endured occupation and hardships which we can only imagine.  Whatever they had to do, whatever action they had to take, whatever sacrifices they made, whatever actions they had to take; all of them were instrumental in August 15, 1947.  All of them are heroes; young and old, with or without names and where ever they were.  Jai Hind.

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