Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nature’s Fury

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The massive earth quakes, the tsunamis, the heavy and unseasonal rains, the long droughts, the extreme cold, the extreme heat, and all what we call the unnatural events we term as natural disasters have always been a part of earth’s existence.  Our evolution into who we are today clearly chronicles the metamorphosis of humans and the mother earth herself.

We know that one massive land mass broke into today’s continents, which still constantly are moving and creating new boundaries.  The volcanoes and the earthquakes create and destroy the land and surroundings, and reshape the geography quite often.  In the billions of years of its existence, the earth has always evolved into something new and reinvented the conditions that fostered life in many forms.  Until the evolution of human beings in their current form who started to inhabit the land, the habitation of earth was in concert with mother-nature and its sustainability.  The living beings simply survived in the environment of their time and caused little disruption to the eco system.  The fury of nature and the cosmic connection simply determined the existence and survival of the living beings.

Only in the last hundred years or so the humans have either used up or abused much of the earth’s resources at such a rapid pace, much of these earth’s resources that took billions of years to create.  In fact not just on the land mass, we have already abused the oceans.  We dig, we drill, we bore, we cut, we clear, we kill, we pollute and we find very which way we can to destroy the very place we live.  We have only had motorized vehicles for a little over a hundred years, and we might be getting close to using us the oil reserves on earth in a couple of generations.  We are not only using up the reserves, but are also polluting and burning a lot of these reserves either being careless or using it as a weapon against one another.  It won’t be too long before we exhaust the oil reserves and start abusing some other natural resource in thirst for our energy needs.  Simply put in a very short span of life on earth, man is single handedly using up all the natural resources that the good earth took to create its inception.  The ingenious human mind has so far only been smart enough to use the resources, but still has yet to work on sustainability.

The biggest burden is also that the humans keep multiplying at an alarming rate.  We also keep making self-made rifts with color, religion, culture, language and whatever reason that can be found.  We keep abusing everything around us; be it human, living and all the natural resources.  We have eliminated more than 90% of the forests and vegetation, but seldom think of the consequences on the eco system.  We have continue to alter the earth at an alarming rate, and we create waste and trash everywhere.  All this while having no regard for the environment and its fragile eco system.  We really don’t appreciate the beauty and prosperity of our surrounding nature and the good earth.  It shows our utter disregard for the earth.  In just about a hundred years we have used and destroyed just about every available natural resource and dramatically altered the edifice of the good earth.

We complain about the dramatic changes to the dramatic changes to the environment and the extreme changes to the conditions with seasons.  In fact we have destroyed the natural protection that fostered the regular seasons, but fail to realize that we have caused the calamities that are effecting the earth.

While the human consumption and behavior influences the seasonal changes on earth, the earth itself has the ability to self-correct the disasters.  The real problem is at the speed humans are contributing to the drastic changes to the environment, the earth really doesn’t have the time to regenerate.  It is impossible to correct such accelerated abuse of natural resources.  Whenever there is natural correction to the abused environment, we always find ways to accelerate some other means to destroy the environment.  Then we start using the term nature’s fury.  We are smart enough to know that there is no unlimited of anything (including our own life span), and the resources we need take a long time to be created.  Unless and until our intelligence is directed at preservation and upkeep of our nature and our surroundings, and we develop the much needed respect for the mother earth, we will continue to deplete and destroy the precious resources that can never be recreated.  We can only complain about the nature’s fury.

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