Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Democracy – OMG

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The world loves the word democratic. It is the most widely used word in political rhetoric and the most commonly abused word in English language. We love the word democracy, and we mean everyone on earth really want to be in a democratic society It simply implies that democratic rule gives freedom of expression to people. The global population has been typically classified as democratic and autocratic rule, and for as long as people were given a choice they have mostly chosen democratic rule.

India; the largest democracy currently in the world, despite its constant bickering and scams survives as a democratic enterprise. No amount of politicking and no amount of public displeasure, and whatever people in power partake, India continues to be democratic and people thrive on the country being democratic and the freedom to choose its leaders. This doesn't imply that we choose the best possible alternatives for our nation since the British left India in 1947. In the recent general election the BJP won absolute majority in the parliament and the government under Narendra Modi as the prime minister has shown some promise of taking up the issues that are of importance to the country and its people. In the very short time he has been in the office, Modi by himself has also demonstrated that he is willing to listen and work for the betterment of processes in New Delhi. My most endearing things of his short time in office are; early to work and late to leave for the head man, and all others will have to follow the leader. Just imagine Indian bureaucracy starting to work at 9 in the morning and working all day long with lunch at the desk. This it self will make a common man smile, as the babus are so far from having the office hours of a common man, and with Modi leading by example of early to work and stay late and finish the work, the rest of the clan have no choice but to follow the leader. Form the time we got independence from the British until now, the culture of minimal effort for the first time, is being driven by a single man's time sense of maximum effort every day, and this leader works seven days a week. For a country with such massive work load, it probably is time for the decision makers to show up on time and work till they get things done. The inference here may not be very democratic for the babus who have to move the files along, but the democratic enterprise of Narendra Modi certainly put the pressure of performance on the guys who run the massive democracy.

The country also has a chance for some radical changes to its thinking and working. The years of nepotism and fiefdom will now be limited or viewed with a magnifying glass as Modi himself has no strings attached personally, and politically he is untouchable for next five years. Perhaps now the democratic process of best man for the job will come into play with the government decision process. It is no saying that just Modi himself can turn the entire country into a haven for people and people's agenda, but certainly his attitude and his much used word of development, will certainly be more robust under his time compared to the previous regimes. It is simply democratic to let the people's issues come first and then people's issues come also last. Modi's magic with words can be translated into action by the current government, and then the true meaning of a democratic country and a democratic enterprise will come into shape.

There is no guarantee that we will see a 100% shift in focus to people first agenda by the Indian nation and its politicians, but even a shift from nepotism to country first will make a drastic difference to the much needed improvement in common man's agenda in India. With the early signs of the decision making my the Modi government seem to take simple steps in making meaningful decisions to the overall well being of the nation. Democratically elected government with a leader with no personal agenda but the development of the nation, should make a turn for the betterment of the general public of India.

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