Monday, May 26, 2014


Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The 15th Prime Minister of India was sworn in today in front of 4000 plus invited politicians and other dignitaries. India witnessed first of it's kind swearing in ceremony that is typically fashioned by the western countries. It was quite well revived by the public and the politicians, both and conducted quite well. To start with inviting the leaders of neighboring countries, along with the elected politicians of India was a wonderful gesture of seeking their brotherhood in dealing with national security.

Prior to and between and after the swearing in ceremony, Narendra Modi continues to reach out the public via his favorite medium; the social media, and the message is the same; this is our country and we will have to look forward to making it better and better, and I can only do this with your help, support and blessings. The public continues to hear the same line constantly, and it has not changed after the successfully completed elections. It is like music to the ears to hear this constantly, as the powerful seldom will want to include the common man in their plans after getting to the powerful post they aspire with the help of the voters. Although it is his first day in office, the tome has not changed in communicating with the common man.

Looks promising on day one with things to come quickly and what can be expected by the Modi Sarkar. It is wonderful to see the trimmed size of the ministries to start with, along with the people who he has chosen to lead the different ministries. The just sworn in ministry is about half the size of the last one, with a whole bunch of consolidation in the new batch of ministries. It is a great start in the sense of two major issues that have plagued Indian politics. The size of the ministries avoids duplication of efforts and also management of resources. The immediate need of the country is good governance and proper planning and execution. By slimming the ministries, you automatically downsize the hands reaching into the funds available, and by placing people who are with limited need for new money in charge of the ministries, you will see the flow of funds going into the projects rather than pockets.

There is no guarantee that smaller number of power centers will directly equate to scam free environment, but it certainly will help the PM to manage them a bit better, and also appointing people who have no interest in money (similar to the PM himself) will make way for better management of resources, and PM himself will be held accountable for promising a scam free government, and it is for certain that he will be held accountable for keeping clean governance.

While anticipating that there will be no pocketing by the new team of ministers, it is also highly unlikely that the system will change overnight and tomorrow morning we will wake up to the Indian government running with 100% money free management. It is impossible in any society to have a 100% compliance to not having hands out for crumbs. The action of Narendra Modi in trimming the size of his cabinet, and his choice of people in the decision making roles certainly adds credence to a cabinet that will see more money going into projects rather than pockets.

An interesting part of the life of politicians and bureaucrats as that they drink a lot and eat a lot just about everyday, and many of them include their family and friends at the expense of someone who comes to them for getting approvals for projects and plans. The new PM is a vegetarian and also a teetotaler. It will definitely impact the social scenario where wining and dining is a norm. What will all the guys do now if they are not drinking and eating most of the evening and night? Perhaps they will work a bit more and get a bit more quality time with what they do? It is an interesting phenomenon with a leader who works 16 or more hours a day, and want a business like discipline in managing the country. Whatever might be the outcome the cost of booze and food for sure is bound to come down and the tired faces of drunk bureaucrats and politicians will start to appear far more relaxed and focused.

The idea of using social media and involving the public is a fantastic opportunity for politicians. Much of India is young and the young ones use a smart phone or a computer. They are easy to reach and easy to mobilize and easy to influence, and the new PM is a master at utilizing the social media. This is inexpensive and quick and also very effective to communicate with just about everyone with a few key strokes. Once again this also saves a lot of time and effort and definitely resources of the government and PM himself.

Things are quickly modified in Delhi and India and the rest of the world is watching, and definitely anticipating good things to come from the new government. Narendra Modi is definitely demonstrating the will to implement what he promised in his stomp speeches in getting elected as the leader of India. With the best of intentions and best of ideas that are for the best of Indians, he is certainly started well and quickly off the gate to tackle the billion people's aspirations. Jai Hind.

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