Monday, September 19, 2016

Man Made

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

This was shared in Telugu from our friend’s group.  I took the liberty of translating this into English, as it is quite relevant to where we are today.  This is really food for thought, and also reflection of who we are.

Who invented the paper?

Who invented the fire?

Who invented the wheel?

Who invented the agriculture?

Who invented the big buildings?

Who invented the ships?

Who invented the Airplane?

Who invented the computer?

Who invented the phone, mobile?

Who invented the car and other vehicles?

Who invented things in the house which we use to relax and enjoy?

Who invented things such as Face Book, What Sapp, and Linked in, Email and many other social media and communications tools on a mass scale?

Who built this society as it behaves?

Who created the religion, caste, sections and divisions in humanity?

Who created the Temple, Church, and Masjid, Gurudwara or any other place of worship?

Who put god in these places of worship?

Who created history and has written it?

The most fascinating thing here is that man has created each and everything on earth.  But in the name of god we keep referring to the miracles and glory, while having created everything on earth.

To demonstrate that man has created the almighty on a need only philosophy;

  1. No human being but man prays to god for things.
  2. The places of worship are only collocated where man lives.
  3. Man has created the almighty to suit the local needs, environment, nature, architecture and conditions.  Simply picking and choosing the local nuances added to god as they see it.
  4. Everyone says its one god, but every country, religion, sect or whatever human reference we have for people, criticize every other god.  As long as religion has been prevalent, criticizing, conversion to other religions continue to be the practice of normalcy for man.
  5. Everyday there is a new practice, new god, new custom, and then propagation that their god is the greatest.
  6. If anyone questions this they are automatically called an atheist or someone who is against god, religion or community.
  7. To make peace god the world has so many methods, practices and customs.
  8. So far there is no man who has really seen god.  Even Buddha and Vivekananda have asked to serve the mankind.  We have to remember that even service without any reward itself brings recognition, which itself is a reward and feeds the human ego.
  9. A man who believes in god and a man who doesn’t believe in god are both living the same life on earth.
  10. God has not done any bad to anyone or any good to anyone.    
  11. God has not stopped murders, rapes, robberies, bribery, killings and or any other human’s bad behavior.
  12. Humans are killing innocent children, and god has not stopped this despite people doing this on his name.
  13. Temples, churches, Mosques or any other places of worship are not safe for women, and children.
  14. When man is destroying temples, churches and Masjids god did not come and intervene.
  15. Has any student passed any exam without studying?
  16. The things that did not exist 25 years ago, have already become famous and the act of god, simply because of man, and the continued use of name of god to enforce things on other men.
  17. Many people who claimed to be god are in jail.
  18. There are many atheists in the world, who continue to live a normal life and be happy.
  19. Religions don’t accept each other’s god, customs, traditions, habits, but there is no where god has asked people to dislike each other.  There is not a single instance when god asked people to stop the hatred, killing, fighting or simply dislike of each other.
So, being happy is being with god.  Respecting other humans, being kind and generous is greater than doing business in millions.  The response one receives to kindness is unparalleled emotion only humans can experience.  God’s word is really to be happy and be kind to other, and walk the path of peace and love.

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