Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Divine Intervention

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

For what it is worth, even the group that is trying to fight against corruption in India, it itself needed to have its own people be subjected to their own internal ombudsman.  It is not surprising to have one’s own introspection in an environment that has fully supported corruption everywhere and every part of the system.  There is no steadfast and quick fix to problems that have been entrenched in the political and bureaucratic system of the country prior to its independence in 1947.

Ombudsman in USA and some other democratic countries is an effective way of having governmental agencies respond to common man’s issues, and sometimes problems in having the systems perform their duties on time and correctly.  It’s a simple system that has someone who is watching the performance of government and its agencies.  Ombudsman works well in helping citizens with issues that are a bit more difficult to handle than a normal process of getting them done.  It is not a legal or bureaucratic system, rather a system that seeks resolution of issues of the people within the frame of legal and functional frame of the country’s political foundation.  It is a simple process of helping with the issues that falls into the cracks of massive bureaucracies.

India is beyond such organization that can help the common man with simple problems that have an organization that can help solve them.  Everywhere and anywhere in the country and in every organization both public and private, and any religious or educational institution we have issues of hands out for favors.

Not a single thing in life has been left for the common man to say “I can do this without problems and paying for it”, and nothing has been left unexploited.  The physical resources of the country, natural resources and even invisible resources such as airwaves have been thrown into scams and more scams.  Games to religion are fair game for the scamsters and they keep getting bigger and bigger.  All political parties and government agencies routinely have their hands out for a piece of the action, and everything needs the grease to get done.

While there is some talk of anti-corruption activism they themselves are falling into the scrutiny of their past and what they are doing now to get their agenda heard.  It costs money to do things and in such a broad spectrum of things to cover and a vast audience of people to reach, it will not be a free pass to even present ombudsman as an alternative to cut graft.  First ombudsman is not an anti graft vehicle, rather it’s a means to get things done for common man who runs into problems with the bureaucratic systems.  So, it as an alternative to managing graft is not a solution.  With the current state of affairs in India, it probably needs divine intervention.  As most Indians are (I hope) god fearing, we all probably should pray for some magical way for god to intervene and stop the graft in the country.  To leave this to mere mortals will be an impossibility that will not be handled as a true ombudsman, and will never realize the dream of helping a common man.

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