Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

I have thoroughly enjoyed cartoons and caricatures since my childhood.  The beauty of these creations for as long as drawings have been around, represent a simple and often meaningful depiction of current events and sometimes satire on something or the other that comes to the mind of the cartoonist at a particular moment.  I still like Peanuts and Charlie Brown, and a slew of single frame cartoons in the Sunday newspapers and often wonder how the imagination of the artist continues to be so comical and inspiring despite the ages and ages of creating the same characters and situational cartoons in a single frame.  Often they remind one of some time on their own life where they might have faced similar situation (dilemma) and often they bring a smile on the face of the reader.  Most times looking at these cartoons is fleeting and often catches a moment of personal retrospection.

For many generations, individual characters have continued to explore the daily life and/or human behavior, most times in comical and situational context.  They are intended to be just that, situational comedies and nothing more.  Millions of people, sometimes billions look at these comic strips as a weekly (some times daily) dose of humor to help get through the trivia of routine and often difficult life.  These pieces of someone’s imagination is clearly aimed to bring a smile to just about everyone who gives a quick glance to them.  Nothing more or nothing less.

The writers and cartoonists have to pick some real or imagined situation or instance to come up with their daily dose of humor.  Having been of the faith of millions of gods and goddesses, I am not a stranger to someone within my own faith or outside of my faith, constantly using the religious symbols to poke at or use them for marketing or advertising.  With so many billions of us around the world and each one of us with our own unique and personal issues to tackle and deal with every day, it is always great to look at something and smile at.  There is so much misery and distrust among the people and various religions and races, there is no further need for any more animosity.

I also come from a small place where (I hope we still do) people of all religions live together and live together well and with respect to all.  Many names such as Hussain Reddy, John Mohan Reddy, Dastagiri Reddy and so on and on are names with a combination of multiple religious beliefs, and that too in a small community I come from.  Each person, each festival, each function, each event, and each activity of a small village never seem to have issues with what religion you belong to, rather they all represent the village, and they all are OK with who they are and they all live together and live well together.

In the evolution of humans and then the evolution of religions and further evolution of religious sub sects, caste, creed and whatever which we have embraced over centuries of life on earth, we still are Humans, and we made the religion as a part of our life well after beginning the human life.

Charlie – Good Bye and god speed.  While we can’t bring you back to life, here is a NAMASTE my friend and may you and all your associates have a great place with the man upstairs and may you be the team of cartoonists for the safe place above us.

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