Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not In Control

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The last couple of weeks of 2012 and the first couple of weeks of 2013 have been quite eventful.  I took a break to writing weekly during the holidays and the few weeks have yielded an Indian government that is incompetent both internally and also dealing with external forces.  While people in and outside of India were following the story of Nirbhaya “Jyothi Singh Pandey” for weeks, the killing of the Indian soldiers on the Pakistan border, and beheading them seem to be equally newsworthy, because of the way they were killed and the denial of the Pakistanis about it having happened.  One of the Pakistani minister’s comments that there are a billion opinions from a billion Indians was in fact fascinating, as there were a billion Indians in disbelief that people will be so inhuman.

The government in both instances has been quiet in reacting and taking steps to address the issues that have heightened the anxiety of the entire nation.

First; the act of violence against a woman in New Delhi streets conducted without any regard to the life of the person, and done with such impunity by the guys who drive a bus or whatever is very disturbing.  It is the capital city of the nation, and these youngsters were simply going home from a movie when they mistook the bus for a normal ride.  What transpired has witnesses; one of the young lady who got killed by the brutality of the attackers and her friend who somehow survived the dastardly incident to recount the actions of the fellow Indians who were really not human beings.  Such brutality was on action against the young lady and her friend, and she stayed alive to let people know of how brutally she was attached by the group of inhuman beings, and her friend survived to also recount the incidents of the night.  Now she is dead unable to sustain the brutality of these inhuman beings and before death she has fully documented who they were and what they did to her.  This is also corroborated by her friend who survived the attack.  What the nation has shown is the deep empathy for Jyothi and her brave efforts to fight the brutal attack, and even after the attack her desire to live and bring the attackers to justice.  While the entire country mourns her death, the nation was shocked and drawn to her being subjected to such brutality and her brave life after the attack.  Every man and woman and child of India was offended by the actions of the gang that attacked her and what has the government done so far?

Secondly; the killing and beheading of our soldiers on the Pakistan border is equally brutal and has drawn the nation’s attention to the brutality of the actions of the Pakistanis.  The whole nation just shocked by the brutal attack on Nirbhaya, was once again shocked at the atrocity of the actions of the Pakistanis.  The continued denial of the Pakistanis of these beheadings ever happening further runs into the wounds of the country’s population.  Whatever is happening at the line of control was supposed to be mutual and with respect to each country’s boundaries and people.  Everyone in the world knows that there is continued tension and the infiltration into India is a daily occurrence.  There is so much anguish within the people of the country to see such barbaric behavior at the LOC; it further fuels the disbelief that such cruelty can be possible by human beings.  One again every Indians sensibility was challenged by the cruel actions of the Pakistanis, and what does the Indian government do?

Both with the country and on its boarders the citizens are being subjected to is brutality, and with unimaginable savagery.  These incidents touch the hearts of all of the civilization and not just Indians.  It is time for the government of India to wake-up and at least have the courage of a woman who did not have any weapons except the courage to fight the idiots who raped and killed her.  She fought bravely as long as she could and although succumbed to the brutality at least had the courage and bravery to fight the idiots.  Perhaps the government of India should learn from her to start fighting for protection of its people.

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