Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Presidential Agenda

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

On January 21, 2013, president Obama got sworn-in for the second time as the president of the USA.  The pomp and ceremony associated with the swearing ceremony, and the events leading up to the swearing-in of the president is quite a well planned and well scripted event management.  The television and internet and the electronic media cover the events 24/7 by the second so nothing can be missed by the common person.

Just about every event that the president and the family and the followers participate gets well documents and publicized.  Presidential advisors, handlers and supporters go out of their way to help, contribute and participate in the pageantry of the election and the presidential aura.  In the modern times the election of the president of the United States and the swearing in the president and the annual state of the union address of the president; all have great relevance to the citizens of the United States.

Following each of the president’s agenda and actions has a lot of significance to the electorate and politicians as the state of the union, and electoral promises are reviewed and dissected, and typically followed by the public and the media to see if he delivers on the electoral promises and the state of the union.  Typically president’s push their agenda thru the congress to deliver to the promises made to the electorate.  It is impossible to deliver to every promise made on an election trial, but delivering to the electoral base is a normal and standard practice with the national agenda.

When a president has congress that is of an opposition party, presidential agenda does get challenged, not simply because the congress wants to oppose it but simply because the parties differ on public agenda.  The value of a two party system is to allow for checks and balances with the national interests rather than a single person’s interest.  The population of the country does have different needs, opinions and aspirations and the elected leaders have to try and handle the needs of the diverse requirements; while being strapped with sinking budgets and ever expanding deficits.  Not many presidents except President Clinton have enjoyed budget surpluses; even his time only experienced marginal surpluses and did not eliminate the overall deficits all together.

The current and reelected president’s agenda is more social than philosophical in my opinion.  The imbalances of the deficits and cost of the debt weighs heavily on the planning, along with social issues, unemployment and never-ending international strife.  Although the president looks smiling and composed, his head must be spinning with the issues that are on the table while he gets sworn in for the second time.  The US Presidency is no doubt the most powerful position in the world, but also comes with enormous pressure for handling the global and internal tensions.  For the current president, the pressure of past performance is no longer there as he is reelected and done running for office; he only has to perform to his future legacy.

The current president has already set several firsts in his election and reelection to the office.  He has the opportunity to make a difference in handling the economic crisis as deftly as he has handled the electorate.  The most difficult decisions of saving and managing money, while keeping peace within the congress and the monetary system will be of the greatest legacy that president Obama will leave for future generations.
Granted that international crisis across the world and pressures on resources verses available assets all weigh heavily on what to do next for next four years.  The president can be bold in advocating better management of resources and saving for the future, managing the budgets to tailor to what is available to spend, cut the deficit completely while sacrificing the pork barrel projects; do things that are essential to save the American dream for generations to come.  The president is still relatively young with two very young children, and he should aspire to have an American life that his children are looking forward to living.  The promise of America is what the president should have on his agenda; that he can deliver to his own children and to the rest of the nation as well.  God bless America, and all the best to the President.

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